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Pathoranking’s Heal the World: A New Age Crusader’s Message

We hear about fights, terrorism, sickness, disease, religious corruptions, natural disasters, crime and bad government everyday on the news. To some people that may be living on some peaceful parts of the earth they may be alien to the evil that the world is becoming. But to people in some parts of the Middle East, America, Africa and Asia; they are tasting the bad effects of this world. There is a general African proverb which says that when evil happen to another person, the person that is free would behave like it happened to a tree but when evil comes to you, you cry the heavens down. The world is sick and need prayers and love at this time because if we cannot stop the natural disasters that we are going through at this point in time; we could at least reduce the hate, fights, corruption, terrorism and bad governance which are all man made evil which we humans have brought upon ourselves. Heal the World is the type of song that the world needs.

When I had the privilege of downloading this song; I wanted to give this song a real meaning because we might just be lost singing without catching the message. Some decades ago Michael Jackson of blessed memory sang a song titled heal the world. At that time the world was not as bad as it is now and the scariest part of the issue in this present time is that unlike before, people prefer not to just to talk about it which does not make sense. In this evil and confused time Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, known with his stage name as Pathoranking picks up his mic to sing about world healing because we might think it is not worth it but in actual sense; we need healing.


He opens up the song with a rap verse stating the basic problems faced by some parts of the world. He talks about fight between girls on superiority. He talks about the war everywhere with terrorism group like Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and ISIS ravaging the world. He talks about Africa and how it is a land richly blessed but because of the bad leadership and greed of politicians in the helm of affair; these riches sounds like mystery. He talks about politicians who leave their duties chasing pleasures of life at the expense of the people they are governing. He talks about the excessive use of cosmetic enhancements and surgery. He talks about the corrupt educational systems where students work hard but still have low CGPAs because they fail to pay some kind of fee.  He talks about preachers and false prophets who fail to teach the right doctrines. He talks about people not being their brother’s keepers; snitching on each other just to make a better living.

However he cries out with a question to everybody that who is he to be the judge to the inhabitations this earth when everything is not original because of the grudges and hate in the hearts of people. He tells the world to heal the world by spreading love around.


A beat void of serious percussions, Killashay produces a kind of classical music sound. He makes use of orchestral instruments like trumpets, violins, cellos and viola to create some serious and soul soaking octave orchestral sounds. He also used a mass choir to give this crusaders feel to it adding some background kicks and tambourines to it. This sound can be played years to come and be applauded as a wonderful classical music if the vocals are removed from the beat. Nice work!


The creativity in the video is something that I like so much. The best ways to pass information via visuals is by sticking to the script. The video director was real serious with this. I love the protest scenes and the way every race and gender are adequately represented. This song should be a global anthem because everything about it speaks the reality we should be facing from now and beyond. This video has good colour selection and correction, good props and scripts.


Valentine Chiamaka

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