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Patoranking Wilmer Album

Patoranking has in the past 5 years solidified himself as a force in the Nigerian Music industry. The Afro Reggae pop star has been able to deliver hit pop music during this period and has made himself sit in the musical seats of nobles. However with his successes, one cannot ignore the fact that he thrives on the success and leading of others. In plain words, Patoranking does not know how to create great songs on his own. He always has to feature a musical heavy weight to achieve his dreams. One may want to say we at are haters but that is the pure truth. Listening to Patoranking’s Wilmer album, it was easily deducted that he does not know the kind of music to make. This album sounds like an accumulation of singles with no musical theme.

Good Albums are made with attention given to the message and genre of the music. Musician who are not confused stick to a topic sentence and create songs relating to that topic sentence. In one album, Patoranking talks about love, flirting, Black man problems, hustle and enjoying life. It would have been a good selection of topic sentence but he went on to confuse everybody by switching from one music genre to another. From pure poetry, reggae, afropop, soul, RnB to Afrobeat.

This action killed the flow and rhythm of the album. It totally had a way of turning on and offing any person listening to the album. This is because one minute you are listening to reggae and feeling the vibe and another minute he has you listening to a poetry. It is obvious that he is creative but his executive producers should have done a better job selecting relatively similar songs for this album.

When you check his page; They describe him as an Afro Reggae pop star but that is a far cry from what type of music he really does. This album looks like he followed the crowd because everyone was making albums. The album looks like he went to his music library and picked songs he felt were good and putting them in the album. Although someone could feel few of the jams, one cannot regard this album as a project because it is so disjointed.

Patoranking Wilmer Album

Songs like “go crazy” have no business being in this album because it has low class when compared other songs in this album. It would have made a better hit if it was released as a single. It is a total miss. From the songs in this album, it can be argued that Patoranking will surely do better in pure Afrobeat, slow poppon Afropop and Reggae music than the bad poetry, RnB and fast beat Afropop. He totally destroyed this album with his decision to try his hands on too many genre of music. He sounds like a rookie who is still trying to understand the type of music he is comfortable with.

It will be bad to blame him alone for the mistake. His producers and executive production team should have pointed the light on this rookie error. They should have helped him see reasons in his song selection. Every song cannot make it into an album. That is how great musicians separate themselves from babies.  Because they work with great minds and ears who tell an artist the truth about the music they are putting together.

Patoranking just has to level up in his coming projects. However DJ Coublon must be applauded for making two songs which helped kick out this album from being a total shamble. His work in “Feelings” is just pure class. Comparing his work with what DJ Khalid did in his “Holy ground” and “Holy moutain” songs; just means he did a nice job.

Patoranking Wilmer Album

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