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Andre Jay Sutherland who is better known by his stage name “Popcaan” is one artist who the world is getting to know. I am of the opinion that if you are known in Nigeria, Africa then you have really gone global. Late 2019, Popcaan released his an album and had some real good songs that got me loving his vibe. Among songs in the album which he titled “Vanquish”; there lies a song titled: Jah is for me. Without doubt this song can become anyone’s new year anthem.

The world is made of different person with different religious believes. But for people who believe in a supreme being who controls the earth and all I it; then this song can easily become an anthem. Mixing up street vocals and some church vibes, Popcaan created a song that can become a classic anytime.


“Jah is for me” is a song that Popcaan uses the popular gospel saying of: If God be for me, who can be against me. He talks about his struggle and how he never really thought he wouldn’t make it. He talks about the world and family coming against him with their hatred like granade. He talks about waking thinking at various times in his life and wondering if anyone one love him. Talking about hypocrites, opurtunist, envious minds and Frenimies (excuse the expression) always wishing in their hearts that he ends up behind bars.

In all he explains that God has always shown himself and has disappointed his enemies. He claims that even with their hated antics that God has always been for him hence no one has be against him.

Popcaan performing at an concert


Most times song which are made to from the heart need only little effort to make them a classic. A song dominated by a grand piano and a regular HipHop trap beat is a really spiritual sound. I am particularly drown to the transition and how it is woven together with a solo piano. In the last verse, there is a solo piano that can steal anyone’s mind away and can only be inspired by a real connection to the vocals. A simple song which has less that ten instruments laced together is a pure classic because the message is an ever green one.


A spiritual video mixed with some street vibe will do well for a song like this. What makes this song special is that it can speak to the heart that it will speak to. Irrespective of weather a video is made for it or not. A real spiritual song and can be classified with some of Bob Marley’s songs.

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