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Was in Middle school when Port of Miami 1 was released and William Leonard Roberts II aka “Rick Ross” came to my radar. Money was the core message of that epic album. Rick Ross rapped about anything and everything a young African American child goes through to make money. He talks about the walls that they had to break to become rich. He tells stories of crime, homicide, hustle of mothers and so many stuff that kids in the African America community of mid-20th had to suffer. In the mix of things, he added a few love songs and created a rich album.  Port of Miami 2 is just a replica of that album in so many way as will be explained below.

  1. THE MESSAGE: Just like port of Miami 1, this album talks of Money. It talks of how they made money and how they spend money. In the song “Big Time” which he feature Swizz Beatz; he talks about how they became big; making money and spending big time. Although he goes bragging in the song “Act Fool”; he also shares stories of going up peddling drugs in High school. He talks about eventually making money and looking at people who looked down on him as fool. Just like Port of Miami 1, this album is for people who are working hard to make a living weather legally or illegally.
  2. THE RHYME AND RAP PATTERN: Rick Ross has always been a steady rhyme rapper and he did not need to change in this new album. The only song that he did not use steady Rhyme is the song titled “Nobody”. He kept his rap in his comfort zone-laying out his tales in flows that one could grove to.
  3. THE PRODUCTION: Last year Lil Wayne released his album Carter V and most of the production were influenced by trendy beats. Rick Ross did not get caught up in that web of following the crowd. Port of Miami had a signature and he kept the signature. A blend of basic Boom Bass beats and the use of 707 and 808 snares and a few Hard and Bass Kick were used to create some of the percussion of the song in this album. Listening to “Fascinated” which is more like a tribute song to the Hustling people in the hood; Ricky, Dollaz, Sam Cory, Burroughs, Thomas Bennett, Avery Branch and Bill Withers created a boom bass killer tune. I am a big fan of the song because of the continuous loop of the lady voice in the background.
  4. GOOD SELECTION OF FEATURED STARS: Rick Ross featured Akon in Port of Miami 1 and that song became a street anthem. One major characteristic of Port of Miami 1 is the quality of featured stars. I am really loving the set of Rappers he has in this album. Meek Mill and Wale have always been a good mix with Ricky and they brought the game home. The delivery by Meek and Rick in “Bogus Charm” was the best in this album. The flow which goes well with orchestral strings and grand piano themed beat was just celestial and soul soaking. Another feature worthy to mention is Drake. The delivery was also good because the song sounds like conversations between the Rappers and their audience.


Possible hits and Flops

“Bogus Charm” which features Meek Mill is a hit because it is very appealing to the ear. “Gold Roses” which features Drake is also a hit. This is because Drake has a Hit perfume which makes any song he jumps on an automatic Hit. “Fascinated” and “Act a Fool” are good music too because of the beat and delivery. Act a Fool has a chorus that a crowd will love and bounce to.

The Flop song of this album is “Nobody” which features Gunplay. This is because it is so dry and had Ricky trying his hands on a new Rap pattern which was a total miss.

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