Praiz Like it: A mood oriented song

Read Praiz Like it review while listening to song below

A large chunk of Nigerian musicians are love and erotic music makers. But their mode of delivery is usually in Afropop and Afrobeats sounds. This makes the goose bumps that people are supposed to feel when they listen to love or erotic jams get replaced by a dance. To people who are not used to listening to these sounds and lyrics, they will hardly know what the song is all about. In this song which Praiz and Ice Prince made, they do not use the usual delivery used by Nigerian musician. Instead he goes western in his delivery and style. This song which is good for sexual experiences between lovers is relatively cool to listen to depending on one’s mood. The song is mood oriented and anybody who is not in the mood for this type of music will skip it quickly without thinking. The slow tempo of the beat and the way Praiz drags his lyrics is totally tiring. It is obvious that the song is a soul music, but the excessive dragging of voice and lyrics will alter the mood of anybody who bumps into the sound. Praiz is a wonderful musician who knows his musical style, but songs like this have to be sandwiched in an album. Singles are released to create a buzz and hit but unfortunately and this song will not create any of the two. Although the move to feature a rapper was a nice move, the choice of a rapper is not good. You cannot be a known hustling artist featuring a known hustling artist. Releasing a song like this as a single is a total mix for an artist who is struggling for fan and media attention. This song is too mood oriented to become a hit, let alone a classic. Praiz’s fans will feel his vibe but people who are not used to him will just skip the track without thinking.


This is a song that Priaz uses to sing about the exceptional way he feels and excitements when he makes love to his partner. Opening the song, he sings about liking the way his lady comes to his place to make him feel good. Talking about the way she behaves during love making, He declares that he loves the way she moans his name when they are getting down. He sings about not minding if they climax all through the day creating memories that will not be forgotten quickly. Stating that he will like to have her around for the day while climbing him during love making. He tells her that he will like to see her dripping with sweat on him. Finishing off his verse and chorus, he tells her that he wants to taste her love when they are together because her body is magic.

Ice Prince takes over the last verse with some bars, he uses his words to appreciate her body. He opens up his verse by claiming that he is addicted to her body (anatomy). Declaring that she is part of him, he tells her that she is the reason he keeps to one woman (study monogamy). Ice talks about being very detailed in their relationship and warns her that she should not take him for granted. Reminding her of how their love and sexual life was healthy from the start, he reminds her of the good time they hard on vacation. According to him, they went out and spent lots of money on fun and luxury; and he never worried about how much he spent. He finishes off by stating that he posted the aftermath of their love adventure on Instagram, which he claims he did to stop ladies who have been wooing him on the internet.   


The beat is a simple soul music beat with the finger snap sound replaced with wood instrument. The rhythmic key is played with an acoustic guitar. The song is dominated by kick sounds dropped at very slow pace with the strings of the guitar blending it together. In terms of sound, there is no real creativity in the production. The beat is like a sound made by someone playing a guitar while using the body of the guitar as the percussion.


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