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Queen Album Review: She has nothing to prove

Onika Maraj released are album some days back and the fans must be enjoying the moments because she brought some very hot fire music to the hiphop table. I have been enjoying myself with some of the songs which for me are going to go into my Niki minaj archives but this album has some white and dark shades to it. I am of the opinion that she was trying too hard to proof to the competition in the female rap music entertainment world that she is the best. She put out some songs which was like a pointed gun at other rappers which for me was not cool. The female rap community is small and what she should do is find a way to elevate these artist. I believe females have egos and pride that can be very hard to manage. But the truth is if you meet an arrogant artist who does not know how to respect those who have gone ahead of them then the best thing to do is keep quiet and show class. I believe some songs and spoken words in this album was not worth it because she has nothing to proof. She has all the accolades, she redefined the female rap music industry. Anyway I think it is a normal thing that rappers do but for me her Queen Album will still be worth listening to without those songs.


This album is rooted in lyrics that projects self believe and superiority, female power, love/heartbreak and calling people at their mess up. Using RnB, Caribbean, Trap and gang star beats she conveyed her messages in all nineteen song. I personally endorse all her love songs because she was really honest in the lyrical content and the vocal. The general mood in this album is good because if you are kind of down, these songs can really become your soul lifting pill.

The love and heartbreak songs in this album are lit. My personal best which is “come see about me” has a story of a girl begging her ex-lover to come back to her. In the song “thought I knew you” she talked about betrayed love which for me many people who have been heartbroken may have their own versions of “the- I thought I knew you song”. The song “Bed” which she features her musical friend Ariana Grange; she talks about gifting her lover some real good loving in some really healthy erotic ways. In the song “Run & hide” she talks about the insecurity she feels as a person. She talks of lacking the will to trust people but declares that rule does not work for the person she just got to know. She states that she loves him so much that she can’t run and hide in those rules of hers.

In her self-superiority song she went some really good height to feature Eminem in one of the songs. In the song Majesty she tells competition that she is the best and the greatest in the female hip hop music world. She features Eminem to solidify her claim because she is the biggest female Rapper because it is almost generally accepted that rap song-wise (excuse the expression) that Eminem is the Greatest Rapper living. She talks about her accolades and how she attained it without cheating her way to the top. In the song “Hard White” she talks about her glamorous life style but letting us know that she used to work very hard and she still works hard to remain at the point she is. “Chun swae” hard Nicki she talks about the exotic life that she lives. She talks about the class she is operating with Swae Lee giving some epic voice chorusing in the song.

In the song “Ganga Burn” she talks about her life and the competition and how they have really gone real serious trying to bring her down. She claims that she had to go spiritual at some time, praying and abstaining from sex to get rid of the trouble she has been going through. In the song “Rich sex” she becomes a crusader to females telling them to date people who can take care of them. Please this song has some very 18+ vocal content but if you sit down and listen to the message you will enjoy it.

In the song “LLC” she goes into some quarreling mode throwing shades at some other rapper with the content of her lyrics. So sorry I can’t give details because we don’t do gossips in our articles. She goes really rude and mouthy in the song “Barbie Dreams” which she uses B.I.G’s beat. She also goes on calling many rapper at their mess-up. Although she claims she is playing but she went some very radical with the song firing at many rappers through her lyrics. Some real hard core words and this is really going to come hunting her by the mass media.


She used three genre of music to produce the Hiphop rap album. She use RnB, Trap and Caribbean beats to serve as instrumentals for her vocal. She used Caribbean dance beats in the songs like “Ganga Burns”,“CoCo channel” and the outro “inspirations”. In the songs like “Majesty”, “Barbie Dreams”, Chun Li, LLC she uses 90s gang star beats to pass her message. She goes trap beat in “Rich sex” “Hard white”, “thought I knew you”, “Chun Swea”, “sir”, maimi. My personal best in her trap songs is “Chun swea” and “sir” because of the voice of Swea Li and Future in those songs. The remaining songs were made using some very sweet sound RnB beat. Songs like “Bed” “come see about me” are worth listening to.


Ganga Burns is going to be a banga because of the dance beat and the very honest lyrics and lessons in that song. For me I think that song has the best messages in this album. Songs like “Bed”, “thought I knew you” and  “come see about me” will join her previous love songs such as “bed of lies” and “pills and potion” in Nicki’s all time love song greats. For the LLC and Barbie Dreams, I believe they will become popular because they are beef songs; but note: that does not make them good songs, they will blow over like any other Nicki’s normal songs. the songs which she features Lil Wayne and Eminem which are “rich sex” and “Majesty” respectively will be good for market and may win her some accolades. The other songs are okay. There is actually no bad songs in this album but songs which could have been left out because this album would have been more mature without them in it.


Valentine Chiamaka

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