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RMD Ear Piercing

One of my close friends sent a screenshot from pictures shared by Richard Eyimofe Evans Mofe-Damijo popularly known as RMD on his Instagram page. it showed that he he just newly pierced his ears and and in quote has officially joined the earrings using gang. She’s was of the opinion that I ( Gbenga Adene) will wear one too because of my obvious love for fashion.

Pondering on what she said and the original post from RMD; something caught my attention. RMD stated clearly that he had wanted to wear it for a very long time but couldn’t because of the socio-cultural environment he lives in and the position(s) he held at a point in time. He had to hold off on wearing earrings.

Then at 60, what does he stands to lose ? Absolutely NOTHING. On the other hand; while trying to relate it to myself and every other young man in Africa, especially in Nigeria. Some of us are young men that still need to create good impression because of the socio-cultural environment that we live and the kind of work we do. So using RMD as a case study, we could state that we have not gotten that hall pass yet.

So until you get to that level of RMD, I expect us as youths to maintain a level of decorum and decency in styling and dressing or you either move to another environment with a different socio-cultural stance that can allow you explore.

I have friends and a brother that dare do more despite the environment, but the reality of it is the society always see them in a different light and I personally don’t want them going around with that burden. You know why? because most times, PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

Whether we approve of it or not, when you are young, the society creates a perception about you based on what they see you do and look like. In Nigeria for example, an adventurous youth who pierces his ear/wear dreadlocks or tints her hair would in most cases be profiled in the negative light. The society in most occasions think they are bad, yet that lady with tinted hair and the guy with the dreadlocks are the kindest people I’ve ever met on earth. if not for #EndSars protest that happen in Nigeria some months ago, the freedom to carry beards and dreads that some of our young men are enjoying now would have been a mirage.

In conclusion, so far it’s not infringing on others person’s right and makes you feel good, DO IT. Just know there are consequences like having to explain yourself all the time that you’re a good person. Because whether you like it societal profiling base on how you dress will always be a thing in Nigeria.

Now let’s make this personal, will you like to see me using earrings or wearing a tattoo (where you can see them)? No good or bad answers here.

RMD Ear Piercing

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