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Ruger Pandemic Review

Over the past few month that I have been off line with no post, one new artist who have gained some real attention is the Jonzing World/mavin Records upcoming star Michael Adebayo (whose stage name is Ruger). Taking the route which was taken by KeyQaad record label when introducing Omah Lay, Jozing World records introduced Ruger by releasing a six track Extended play album. The songs on the album which are a good collection of songs became a hit. This artist might just be giving Rema a fight for his money.

For many reading this article, they might wonder why the last sentence made on the above paragraph was made. But if you have listened to the songs on the Pandemic EP, you will notice the lyrical diversity of  Ruger. Rema is a good artist but his lyrical prowess is relatively low. Although one can attribute it to his age, but when relating Rema to Wizkid when he was same age, Wizkid had better lyrical content. Same can be said of Ruger who really did justice with songs like “Ruger” and “Bow”.

Unlike Omah Lay who had five mega hit songs in his first EP, Ruger had just two mega hits in his EP. With the other four songs having really good potentials of becoming hit songs.


In modern Nigerian music production, anybody can produce and record a beat but attention have always been give to the mixing and mastering of the songs. Big name mixing and mastering Engineers like STG prodigy, Mix Monster and Swapsbeats have played a major roles in creating some of the best mixed and mastered songs of 2020/2021. And just like Swapsbeats did for Omah Lay in his Get Layd EP, he came through for Ruger. His work on Ruger and Bow was so evident. The way he makes the trap snare in “Ruger” sound out is really unique and ear catchy. His work on “bounce” is also applaudable because he made the song sound really rich.


The songs on the album cut across Ruger announcing himself and making love music. The song titled “Ruger” is a song which mixes a traps beats to Ruger’s patois influenced vocals  to create a song which anybody will like. The song which Ruger uses to announce himself in the music scene has him declare that he was born ready to make music. Liking himself to the Corona Virus, he declares himself as someone whose flows could cause a lockdown. He admonishes people to sanitize before they come near his flows because he could get infected. The level of poetry in Ruger is infectious.

“Bow” is another song which he uses to talk about his mindset as he is being throw into the deep of mainstream music. Stating that he always prayed to become a performing artist, he claims to know that people will want to come against him. According to him, he knows that the enemies will come hence he prays. He finishes off by stating that all his enemies and crown seekers will eventually bow to him.

In a switch of sound he makes a love song telling a love interest of his to dance and make love to him. He uses some relatively radio friendly lyrics to pass his message. In “Yekpa” he sings about a lady he once saw who was really endowed like a real African woman. While in “Abu Dhabi” he sings and begs his lady to come be in his room. He tells the lady that he is ready to fly her off to Abu Dhabi and anywhere in the world to just be in his room. According to him, her presence in his room guarantees his sanity.

In summary the songs on the album are songs that once can really vibe to over time.

Ruger Pandemic Review

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