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Runtown Kini Issue Review

Runtown has grown a reputation of a musician who is in no competition with anybody. He has his basic sound and all his job evolves on two to three types of beats. His creativity has always been in the lyrics of his songs and how he engineers his songs.  What that implies is that he rocks with his fans and never minding who the best in the music industry is. He creates a buzz when he can and never worry when he is not making a buzz. That kind of careless attitude to the music circle can be attributed to his pasted issues with record label. But that been said, he has mastered his sound and his songs cannot be termed as bad songs even if it is made with the same set sound.

“Kini Issue” is a song that might just flop because it has a very bad first listen effect. Unlike international bad man killer in his Tradition album which pulls someone out with its vibe, this song has a very bad poor first listen quality. But when the song continues to play on a boom box, one will start picking the lyrics and the message will sink. The song will relatively not make it in the market. It might not even become a radio hit but it’s another good collection to the short list of Hits that Runtown have been privileged to make.

The song is a mid tempo song that can be used to have a slow dance or smoke. It can be used as a background sound for a workplace because of the rich instrumental. The basic modern Afrobeats sound has all the elements of Afrobeats from wood to horn instruments.  However it lack shekere which gives it close quality to RnB. There is no much uniqueness in the song but if one continues playing, one will get infected.


“Kini Issue” is a song title that is formed using a Yoruba word: “Kini” which means “what”. So “Kini Issue” means “What is the Issue”. Runtown uses the song to tell a lover of his that there is no issue that can kill his positive energy around her. Stating that her looks, attitude and love are forces that will always give him positive energy, he claims that there is no issue that could mess with positive vibe.

Runtown opens up the song by stating what his lover told him. According to his lover, she said that she envies and loves his vibe because he hardly allows anything negative cloud his positive vibes. He agrees with what she said by stating that he behaves like that because he does not want any form of negativity in his life. According to him after all the craziness life has to offer, he always allow bygones to be bygones.

In a pre-chorus he attributes his positivity to his lover stating that she messes with his head. According to him whenever he is with her, he hardly focus on those negative stuff. And after a spending quality time with her, he is always ready to go after his dreams once again.

He finishes off in a chorus by asking what issues will make him loose his positivity. Trying to give a proposed list of issues, he asks whether is money or general life issues that will make him feel negative. He tells her that whenever his is with her that there is nothing one earth that he cannot do. Because her energy is the only energy that vibes in same direction as his.

The second verse has Runtown tell his lover to do whatever he asks her to do because he there is nothing he can do. According to him, if he tells her to dance, move, wait or go crazy; then she should do it because he is in control of any issue that may spring up. He tells her that they have got a great chemistry and that’s all that matters.

Runtown Kini Issue Review

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