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Sam Smith Love Goes Album Review

Sam Smith is a love poet who have over the yeas shown the world that he knows nothing else but making love music. When he released “My Oasis” which featured Burna Boy as one of the singles of this album; it showed his class and creativity in writing. Listening to this project shows how super talented he is when it comes to love music. The songs in this album are songs that could get love bird cuddling under duvet covers and cry after having a breakup.

The album which is made with a blend of soul and RnB expresses Sam’s personality as a man who understands love in its two possible state. It shows him as a man who understands love from the fun part; and also from the sad and heartbroken part. In this album Sam emphasis his songs from the perspective of a person who lost or is loosing love. Of course loosing love is actually accompanied which the sorrow and heart break. So the general mood of the song is relatively slow and moody. He however gave it a relatively groovy elements with some pop songs.


As regards the production, Sam Smiths who works with Mac, Gorres, Shellback, Lotus IV and a host of others gave the album different genre that revolved around RnB, Soul and pop music. But even with the various producers which numbers about eleven, they all used the same instruments. Most of the songs are characterized with grand pianos, orchestral strings and subtle percussion. One song that highlights the use of vast orchestral sound is “For the love that I lost”. The song which was produced by Napes and Stargate is very rich with a lot of violins, violas and cellos that are well weaved with an interplay of a grand piano.


In the song which he titled “Diamonds” he sings about a breakup he had with one of his lovers. The song which mixes RnB with pop sound has Sam sing about his ex as being cruel and wicked. He alleged that his lover was more of a gold digger who wanted only his riches and never cared about him and his emotions. But instead of feeling sad and dejected, he tells his lover that he is not going to allow him see him cry. He claims that this cruel ex-lover cannot have his diamond and riches and also see him cry about a breakup.

“Another one” is a song that is like a love letter to a departed loved one. He uses the song to admonish his lover to treat his new found love nice. Lamenting that he was never the one for him, he wishes him well in his new found love adventure. “Young” is a song that he uses to tell someone criticizing him to leave him alone to enjoy life. Stating that he just wants to be wild, high and be able to kiss a 100boys; he claims he can do all these because he is young and could live the life he wants. The song which was sang as an acapella song was created without any form of string or percussion instrument.

“So Serious” is a song that Sam uses to evaluate if everybody feels the way he feels. He explains that he his mood switches every time because of the way his emotions fluctuates. Hence some time when he is not supposed to be serious, he gets serious. “Breaking Hearts” is a song which Sam uses to tell a lover how careless he was with his heart. Claiming that all his lover did all through their relationship was being busing breaking his heart and enjoying all the love he was giving him. He accused him of never trying to give him back same measure of love and affection.

In summary Sam Smith used this long playlist to make music that reveal the emotions which a breakup releases. He made songs of regrets, pain, sorrow and thoughts of what could have been and not been. He made songs of forgiving ones selves of shortcomings in failed relationship. This album will do well on the billboard.

Sam Smith Love Goes Album Review

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