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Sam Smith My Oasis

Sam Smith, the soul music pop-star who divides opinions with his craft and style; have always been a musical maestro. His voice and delivery have always been flawless. being a musician who is not usually associated with lots of collaborations in the past, I must say I was shocked when the name: Burna Boy popped up in his music.

Sam Smith teaming up with Burna created a sound that will light up the United Kingdom and Nigeria in “My Oasis”. Although Burna is an Afropop/Afrofusion artist, Sam drags him closer to his soul music sound. The poetry that Sam puts in his lyrics is very rich. The use of natural elements in his lyrical illustration are very classy. The love song which they made has good delivery, lyrics and production as will be explained below.


The song is about the helplessness of a person to his or her one true lover and soulmate. Sam Smith uses the song to talk about the way his helpless and dependent on his lover like the only fertile spot in a desert (Oasis). He sings about his weakness when he has to make a decision about his lover.

The song opens up with with Sam taking the lead. He opens the song by stating that he is kind of experiencing a mirage. Paraphrasing his words, he says that he thinks he is seeing water because his lover is messing with his mind. He does this by painting a picture that portrays his lover coming for the day and he wants them to spend an extended time together.

Sam Smith My Oasis

Using some natural elements to bturess his fustration at the thought of his lover going away from him, he declares that he can not deny or pretend the fact that he wants them to stay a for an extended timeline. In the prehorus, he tries to persuade his lover to stay. The first thing he said was that his feelings are getting deeper. Adding to that he claims that his mind is on a free fall and as a result there is nothing he can do emotionally when it come to him.

Reiterating that his lover is always playing his his emotions, with his mind and soul flowing like the ocean. He begs be to be helped with a love devotion because he is helplessly dependent to his lover. Calling his lover “his Oasis” which means the only fertile spot in his desert. He finishes off by declaring that he there is nothing he could do when it comes to him. Burna Boy lends his voice to the music by painting a picture of a lady who is playing hard to get. He claims that he chose this lover of his but instead of giving him a green light, this lover of his have always been playing tricks with is mind.

Sam Smith My Oasis

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