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Sarkodie, Brown paper bag Review

2020 has not just been the year that the world was attacked by a deadly pandemic. 2020 is also the year that racism gained very high recognition across the world with United States of America as its headquarters. Sarkodie teaming up with M.anifest used his music to explore the world problem of racism from the African angle. In a song which is made with Afrobeats and flowed with a mix of Ghanaian and English vocals, he creates a song for sober reflections and challenge.Cillacritic as an African owned firm agrees with most of the issues raised by Sarkodie. But some of the issues he talked about sounded like words for an African before they got educated. For example equating Voodoo and the laws of physics and chemistry sounds like words from a person under the influence of some very strong narcotics. Also trying to preach for United States of Africa is a far reach judging from the different languages and tribe that Africa has. It may sound like a wise idea but is it visible? Sarkodie is a great African MC with lots of respect from everyone at cillacritic but some of his shots were way off goal.


The song talks about racism being not just a problem caused by the whites but also by blacks. Calling it selfhate, he claims that slavery which involved the shipping out of African citizens overseas was gone. But he declares that Africans have refused to take responsibilities of their lives. Stating that African have lost their values copying everything the white man gives to them, he uses the naming of African children with Western names as one basic form of mental slavery.

Going further a he admonish Africans to push to be liberated. Accepting that Africans can see in between the lines but are blinded in their minds, he declares that he wants to be free. He goes on to define freedom as thinking for one’s self, not begging for help and not having others control the wealth of the continent. Sarkodie claims that the Western world have been thriving in Africa by setting up conflicts in her Nations. Claiming that they use this trick to disintegrate Africa so that they can have their ways, he tells Africans to wise up.

Addressing the excessive borrowing that African leaders have been involved in with other nations, he declares that-that is another big problem. Claiming that no one is free when he is owing a lot of unpaid debt, he tells African leader to learn how to fish instead of always begging China, America, France and United Kingdom for loans. He states that these excessive loan system are enslaving the future of African children. He claims that Africa has been trying to develop but the forces of the West and from Asia have been trying so hard to kill those effort. Because they want to always make Africa remain below.

# Sarkodie, Brown paper bag Review

M.anifest lends his voice to the song by claiming that Africa is the original dons of the world. But also reiterates that everything Africa have been trying to do have been going down the drain. Citing the indirect influence of foreigners on the politics of Africa, he cites an example of the coup of former Ghanaian president. Going further, he raps about the way many Africans are enslaved by religion forgetting to work hard for their lives. Talking about misplaced priorities, he criticizes Africans for criticizing the wrong people instead of going after their leaders who are not allowing Africa to self-actualize.


The song was made with an Afrobeats production with a tweak in the sound. Unlike the usual Afrobeats sound that is dominated by horn and tenor string instruments, this one is dominated by just a baseline and humming sound. Creating an Acapella feel to the music. To add some elements of colour to the sound he uses some varying sounds and sequence thereby laying more emphasis on the vocals.

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