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Sean Tizzle, whose real names are Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele was once on the lips of every lady in Nigeria for his Afrojuju influenced Afropop songs. But like many Nigerian Artist who hit the limelight and hibernate, Sean Tizzle have become an artist who struggles for relevance. Although he still creates good lyrics like this new single, he is still finding it had to create street and sales hit. The quality of Sean Tizzle Oreke single, is not of great quality production wise. Nigerian songs that are been produced recently have better bump and volume. This song lacks that and can be felt by even an amateur music listener. Nigeria which is his primary audience will not appreciate the sound. Nigerians love loud music and this production is just too below average. Seems the volumes were all turned down during the mixing and mastering. You might wonder why these negative review, but the truth is that when DJs are mixing sounds, Sean Tizzle Oreke may become a mix spoiler because of low volume and lack of bump.

In summary, the song is lyrically strong, but the song sounds like a song made in early 2010s. It seems the Nigerian music circle left Sean Tizzle in 2010. There is an easy trick to solving this problem and it is employing trendy producers. Rexxie produced “yeye Boyfriend” for zlantan Ibele which is also a song influenced by Afrojuju. There is a clear difference in the impact and sound of “yeye boyfriend”. Tizzle has to learn how to work with people who are making hits in 2020. This song is a good jam but might not become a street hit song.


The word Oreke is a shortened version of a full Yoruba word: “Orekelewa”. This word means Beautiful woman in Yoruba and Sean Tizzle uses the word to create his song. This is a fictional autobiographical lyrical song that has Tizzle sings to lady he wants to date. In his words, he needs her in his life and nobody else. Admiring her body figure he claims her body figure stays fresh on his mind. Using a simile to identify how beautiful she is, he calls her fresh pineapple. He goes on to ask her to accept him and dance with him because he is really in love with her and short of words because she is a beautiful woman (Orekelewa).

Sean Tizzle continues his advances at this lady in the second verse by alleging that he has been acting crazy lately because of her. He claims to have been going through a lot just like any other young man in the world. But he tells her that he will not allow his troubles to take her away from his life. He begs her to stay with him. He repeats the pre-chorus and chorus, telling her to dance and stay with him because he is speechless because of her beauty.


Sean Tizzle have always been a juju music influenced artist. He makes his music with close relationship with traditional beats. Over the years, Tizzle have produces songs like “Loke” to have the same vibe. In this song there is a tweak in the signature Afrobeats shekere to sound more traditional. As discussed in the opening paragraph the song lacks good bumps. The song has a talking drum sound which was intended to give a good bump to the beat. Although it provides some kind of bump, the song does not have a rich baselines that will spur a good daance.

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