She Must Be Obeyed: Ambitions and Flaws of a Nigerian A-Lister

The Plot: A Tale of Ambition and Consequences

In the glitzy world of Nigerian showbiz, ambition often takes center stage, and “She Must Be Obeyed” weaves a compelling narrative around the life of a renowned A-list artist. This gripping tale unfolds as she battles to maintain her fame, even if it means stepping on others to achieve it. While she fights her external foes in the cutthroat movie industry, she remains oblivious to the fact that her ambition is corroding the foundation of her closest relationships. Hidden scars threaten to push her world into a downward spiral, yet her thirst for fame blinds her to the impending disaster.

The Hits: Stellar Casting Shines Bright

One of the undeniable strengths of this series lies in its casting. Despite a few hiccups where some actors struggled to fully embody their roles, the majority of the cast delivered exceptional performances. Notable mentions include Victoria Adeleye (VEE), whose debut performance showcased her natural talent and Akah Nnani, who portrayed a transgender character with depth and authenticity. Their convincing portrayals added layers of complexity to the storyline, making the characters relatable and engaging.

The Flops: Missteps and Missed Opportunities

Unfortunately, “She Must Be Obeyed” is not without its flaws. One glaring issue is the excessive and unnecessary scenes that drag on, testing the patience of viewers. Funke Akindele, known for her tendency to elongate scenes, missed the mark in balancing the pacing, leaving audiences disengaged during these tedious moments.

Another significant letdown was the lackluster special effects makeup on the lead character. Despite the substantial budget allocated to the project, the prosthetics used to cover the lead’s alopecia were poorly executed. The flaws were glaringly obvious, diminishing the overall viewing experience. Additionally, the absence of proper post-production editing and color grading further marred the series, resulting in a lack of visual cohesion.

Critical Rating: A Candid Assessment

“She Must Be Obeyed” highlights a prevalent issue within the Nigerian entertainment industry – the prevalence of ‘Yes men and women.’ Despite the hype from colleagues, the series cannot escape its fundamental flaws. The dual role of producer and lead actor, a common trend among Nigerian filmmakers, proved detrimental in this case. Akindele’s decision to cast herself in the lead role, instead of tapping into the potential of rising talent like VEE, impacted the relatability of the series, especially among younger audiences.

Considering the significant effort invested in the production, “She Must Be Obeyed” falls disappointingly short. The lack of character development, subpar post-production work, and makeup blunders overshadow the series’ potential. Regrettably, this series receives a modest rating of 4/10, highlighting the missed opportunity to create a masterpiece in Nigerian motion pictures.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian cinema, “She Must Be Obeyed” serves as a reminder that genuine storytelling, meticulous attention to detail, and a willingness to embrace fresh talent are essential elements for a truly impactful cinematic experience. As viewers, we can only hope that future projects learn from these missteps, paving the way for a brighter, more immersive Nigerian film industry.


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