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Taylor Swift Folklore

Taylor Swift have over the years built a carrier out of heart break stories. She has achieved huge success with her music carrier. Just like Eminem she channeled her biggest problems in to lyrics and made a fortune out of it. This new sixteen track album that she recently released can be said to be a little bit sadder than her previous works.

Titled “Folklore”, Taylor taps into a lot of country and Blues music gerne to convey her message. This made the songs to have almost slow tempo vibes. She uses the songs in this album to reflect on what was, what could have been and what never happened in her relationships with her lovers.

From the general mood of the songs and her post about writing the songs in isolation; it shows that Taylor Swift was having a sober reflection of her relationship life. Although some of the stories in the songs might be fictional, Taylor might just have been fueled by her previous relationships.


As stated above, the album is about what was, what could have been and what never happened. Each song has a unique sad story that is worth listening to. What I will do is try to explain a few of the songs while you can listen to the songs from our website.

Taylor Swift Folklore

In the first song titled “the 1”, she sings about a relationship which was supposed to be. Painting a picture lyrically about where she and the supposed lover met and how their chemistry was. She claimed that they could have been lovers and he could have been the one to love her right. Claiming that the man broke the trust by sleeping with a random lady form the internet, she said that was the deal breaker. Lamenting about how good they could have been together, she claims that it is obvious that her wishes never came to pass.

In the second song titled “Cardigan”, she sings of how people think that young people are not observant. She uses the song to talk about a lover of her’s who was older than her; and was assuming that she did not know about his escapades with women who he claimed were just friends. According to her, she claims that she knew all about his tricks and skims. She also claimed she knew that she will always curse him in her heart over a long period of time.

Taylor Swift Folklore

“The Last great American Dynasty” is a song that talks about the reaction of a broken love which was caused by a lady. Telling a story of two young lovers who were getting married in St Louis. According to her, the party was loud and right inside the party the man’s heart stopped working because the man’s ex-lover came to crash the wedding. The conclusion that people had was that the ex-lover was the maddest woman in America. They called her the last great America dynasty.

In one of the most entertaining songs/stories in this album, Taylor Swift teams up with Bon Iver to create a song titled “Exile”. The song tells a story of a breakup in progress between two lovers. Bon Iver sings from the perspective of the man who his lady is leaving. While Taylor Swift sings from the perspective of the lady that is leaving her man. According to them, they claimed that this breakup scenario was like a familiar movie which did not have a happy ending.

In summary the songs on the album are love songs but are all reflections of a sad woman who lost love. In some songs she sounded like a woman who destroyed the wonderful love relationship she had because of her impatience or insecurity. While in some songs she sounded like a lady who have been cheated and belittled. All in all, she made sad songs that will have a relative low fan base. This is because only people who are ready to listen to tales of a broken woman, will enjoy the music.

Taylor Swift Folklore

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