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Pop Smoke, Shoot for stars, Aim for the Moon Review

Sad that Pop Smoke was stolen by death at a very young age after releasing a project like this. We were working on the review of this project when the news about his death broke. The hiphop world is in mourning mode now. Another rapper have joined the list of dead rappers. RIP Pop smoke.

One can easily tag this album a bad album if “44 BullDog” and “Got it on me” was the only song the person heard. This is because Pop Smoke whose real name is Bashar Barakah Jackson sold the wrong identity in those song. From the album, one can easily deduce that Pop Smoke is a love music maker. But trying to be gangster lyrically and musically does not suit him.

In this album titled “Shoot for stars, Aim for the Moon”; I would say that the type of Rapper Pop was in “Something special” is the best version of him as a rapper. The rapper in “44 bulldogs” is the worst version of himself. Because of his deep voice, Pop smoke did not really communicate anything to the audience. It was more like noise with some beats in it.


The album is theme around romance and love stories. The different songs on the album talk about different experiences with ladies Pop smoke has been with. While some songs are of erotic vibes, some others are just about how good he is to the ladies. In a song which he features Roddy Ricch and 50 cent, he created a song that is about a lady who wants to date him. Titling the song “Woo”, he talks about the girl loving to date a guy like him who he qualifies as woo.

Pop Smoke, Shoot for stars, Aim for the Moon Review

“Something special” is another love song which he uses to talk about how special his lover is. Using a steady RnB beat to flow his rhyme, he gives a biography of the lady who is special to him. “Diana” is another song that Pop uses to talk about a lady that he needs her number. Giving physical description of this set lady, he talks about loving her style and decisions she makes.

“For the Nights” is song which he features Lil Baby and Da Baby may probably become one of the best songs on this album. The songs talks about having a good loving with his lady for the Night before he leaves her to go and chase the money. ”Mood Swing” is a song that paints an erotic story of love making between Pop Smoke and his lady. Giving graphic and detailed picture of every movement during the sexual moment. Pop Smoke and Lil Tjay made a real song for making love when they made “mood swing”.

Working with one of the Migos: Quavo, he makes a song titled “Aim for the Moon”. He uses the song to admonish people to work hard striving for only the best in life. Talking about all the things they have, he claims that they made that happen because they shot for the Stars and aiming for the moon. “Tunnel Vision” is a song which has Pop rap about being different from other people. According to him he has a million dollar vision for himself so he does not have time to mess around people.


Pop smoke is a deep voice MC which makes him have same vocal characteristics with Rappers like Biggie, 2Pac and DMX. These rappers have bass voices hence most of their best records where made of slow or mind tempo beat songs. Pop Smoke made this happen with his work on this album. The best songs on this album were not fast beats or delivered with high pitch vocals.


“44 bulldogs” and “Got it on me” are flop songs. While “The Woo” and “For the Night” are hit songs which could peak very high on not just the billboard but in the heart of people who listen to it. Some other good songs incudes “Tunnel Vision” and “Something Special”.

Pop Smoke, Shoot for stars, Aim for the Moon Review

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