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Simi Restless II EP Review

Music is a wonderful piece of art and just like any other art work is always rated by the audience. What makes music different from visual art is that: when people are used to your sound, they become bored and rate you low. There is only one way to stay afloat in the market and that is diversity. Simi have always been an artist drawn more to Ballad and Soul genre. But in recent times she went deep into Afropop music by mixing her ballad with lots of Yoruba fuji music influenced Afropop. With “Restless II” Simi takes her audience on another journey of good music rollercoaster.

“Restless II” is a six track project which sees Simi dive into more of RnB and Hiphop. Featuring three well selected artist is just what the album needed and she killed it. Ms Banks, Wurld and her husband Adekunle Gold gave the album the much needed flavor. Normally when people feature artist, they get lost and often a times are directed by the featured artist. That is not the case with Simi. She knew what she was looking for when she started working on the project and she kept the songs that way.

Sound-wise, her experimentation with trap beats in the song she featured Wurld was just nice. It’s been long a Nigerian female artist bossed a Hiphop beat like she did on that track. Also the way she worked with Ms Banks on the Caribbean influenced dancehall beat and opened another box of creativity. Seems Simi was listening to our plea for her to switch producers and try new production process. This paid off for her because Sess gave her an EP or possible classic beats. When she released her last Album, there were some glitches in her direction and focus but in this album she went for the sound. She switched it up but just like boss lady, she bossed the sound.


The album is a love themed project. From the first song to the last, she talks about the different colours of love. In the song titled “Undeserving”, she sings about being taken advantage of because of her vulnerability in love. According to her, because she has a large capacity to love stupidly once she is in love, she tends to suffer in relationships. She claims that she loves like a slave hence her lover takes advantage of her good will and messes up all the relationship. She finishes off the song by telling her lover that he does not deserve her love because he will always abuse her pure love for him. This songs is a very good RnB song which could get ladies getting lost in in space especially if they are going through these problems. The beat is really cool having some Hindi influence.

Working with her husband, Adekunle Gold, they made a song titled: “Bite the Dust”. They painted a picture of a lady who tried to know how loyal and faithful her lover is. She goes about this in very mischievous and crazy way by setting up her man with her friend. Unfortunately for her, her man fell for the trap and she became mad at his action and blasted him for being a dog and messing their relationship. However on the part of the guy which is sang by Adekunle, he blames her for being really insecure to set such silly trap for him. This song is a song that keeps one wondering who is to be blamed for the crisis in the relationship and that is what is called a good piece of music.

Teaming up with Ms. Banks they created a song which has close relationship in sound with Major Lazar’s song with Party Next Door and Nicki Minaj. The song which titled: “there for you” is a song that talks about being with one’s lover through good and bad times. Simi uses the song to ask for permission from her lover to always be his backup and be there for him any day, anytime and any place. This song is so interesting that it being only two minutes, twenty-two seconds is not just cool. It’s a really groovys song which is not Afropop or Afrobeats but can have one dancing.

“City Lights” is a song that talks about the hypnotizing effect experienced by lady who is newly in love. Simi who uses some classy vintage poetry to create her lyrics calls the feeling a being lighted up like city light. According to her it is like a feeling of fire flies flowing in her body which makes her heart and body to misbehave. This song which is made with a blend of hiphop rap beat which was popular in 2009-2012 is just epic and a good music.

Finally working with Afro-soul Artist “Wurld” they created a song titled: Triggered. The song talks about a lady who have been listening to cheap gossip and was triggered into anger by her lover obvious betrayal. She goes on to insult him, calling him names because of what she heard. Picking up a gun to shoot him, the man pleads his case. Wurld who sings the part of man who is the victim of cheap gossip had to tell her that he did not do any such thing. The song is really dope song.

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The songs on this album shows the clear definition of what an EP should be. All the songs are possible hit songs.  Tombs up the

Simi Restless II EP Review

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