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Are you a DJ who is having a wedding this weekend then this song is something you should try this weekend. A popular saying goes that “innovation is not doing something new but doing something old in an improved and refined way”. This is what Simisola did in this song because the beat and sound is the same afrobeat and Makosa sound which everyone living in Africa are used to. What she does differently is what she writes in her lyrics note pad. I have heard via rumours that this lady has the Eminem sickness of writing above ten sets of Lyrics for one beat which is some real mad work for a song. What really appeals to me is the way you can make a salsa dance to this Afrobeats sound. Therefore if you are Latino or Latina, from the Caribbean, central and west African and indeed the world; then I Dun Care is for the next wedding you are attending.


Have you had a lover who wants to show you off to their friends, family and the world at large at every slightest opportunity? This is what Simisola is singing about in this very good song. This song is for lovers whose partner is always trying to show off in every smallest avenue. In this song Simisola expresses her love to her boyfriend.  She tells her man that he drives her crazy to a level that it is beginning to get weird. She declares that people are calling her crazy that it is true because he drives her crazy. She tells him that she is not the shy type because he is the one she love and will want to be with. And even if the world will want to wag their tongues on her issue, that she does not mind and don’t care what they say. Because it does not concern them. She goes on to list several things that the world can say stating that she does not really care what say. Just Download it please  and enjoy like me.


The beat is made with blend of Afrobeats and Makosabeats. In case you will like to know, Afro-beat is a sound from Nigeria and Makosa-beat is a sound from central Africa, DR Congo.  There is an emphasis on the use of an electronic guitar the way local Nigerian Musician make music. In Nigeria there three major guitars that are used by any band. They are the Lead, the supporting lead and a base guitar. I must say the selection of instruments for this song is real analog which is wonderful for good music. The patterning of the baseline must have been inspired by some Latino salsa music. This is because there is this quick stepping dance feel that comes to anybody who listens to it. For the lead guitar, I will say it is just share ingenuity from the producer.

For the percussion, the snare rim and surface are used at great length. The Rim is used in the verse part which is dominated by the afrobeats sound while surface is used in the chorus part which is dominated by Makosa-beat. There is this use of a particular Spanish flute sound which is used to add colour and flavor to the sound. Finally I will talk about the shakers and hi-hats which was used to draw the sound home. The shakers is played on same tempo and speed as the kick while the hi-hat is played same way but the pedal is released after every four bars. This is a good beat, nice one; like I will always say, a good song will always make good beat.


Clarence Peters for me was losing his touch in musical video directing but he got this one right. Simi played a good part in getting into the groove more by dancing. I accept the totally, casting the dancers and The Water scenes. The Water scenes was mad especially with lighting at the background. Clarence got everything in this song right. From the motion graphics on the curtain scene, the white background scene and the Water scene. Epic work from Clarence! Epic Work!

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