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Sistas Review

With the Tyler Perry Company publishing that the production of the second season of the BET television series will be kicking off on July 8th 2020; we at thought it wise to review the season one. The series which started airing in 2019 staring Hollywood stars like: KJ smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown and a host of others is a wonderful mix of every element of life.


The seasonal movie is a story of four working class, beautiful African America women who are above thirty years of age and not married. The story explores the various emotional and occupational problems they are faced with. Based on the fact that they are above thirty, the insecurity about their various relationship is a key ghost that keeps hunting them.

Obviously, they have been in relationship(s) and many of them never went well; they tend to approach new relationships with caution and sometime blind eyes. Played by four lead actors, This Tyler Perry directed movie is a movie every single woman above thirty should see if they have not done so already.


One of the most exciting and tiring character is the “Andrea Barnes” which was played by KJ Smith. She is a lawyer who works as a divorce Attorney in a relatively big firm. Her life becomes complicated when she falls in love with a married man who was planning a divorce with his wife. To make matters worse, the man’s wife hires Andrea’s law firm to handle her divorce with her husband. And because Andrea was the best on the job in terms of winning favorable settlements, she gets the job. Her life moves from being a promising young lady above thirty to a homeless, jobless, cashless and unmarried woman above thirty.

Sistas Review

The second most exciting character is “Zac” which is played by Devale Ellis. Zac is a full grown man above thirty-five who went to jail and works as a miscellaneous staff at an airport. He is the boyfriend of one of the lead actors and a big baby of a man. A man who relatively does not want to move on from being an ex-convict. Blaming the world, his family and girlfriend for obvious bad decision making, he has a back and forth relationship with his girlfriend and eventually get stabbed. No lady likes a big baby and this man is one hell of a funny big baby.

The last exciting Character is that of “Aaron Carter” which is played by Kevin A. Walton. Aaron is a war veteran and a preacher whose wife cheated on him; files for divorce. His wife who keeps begging him to forgive her eventually takes her own life in the workplace of Aaron’s proposed girlfriend. Making his life uncomfortable, this young preacher battles with emotions, lust and his dysfunctional life.


On a scale of 1-10, the series can be rated at five because of the relative low popularity and investment. Shot mostly at the Tyler Perry studio, enough money was not spent in the production let alone in promotion. Story-wise, the series is a standard eight because it keep people captivated even after it ends.

Sistas Review

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