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Cooperate footwear like Italian made leather shoes have been on holidays since the Corona lock down started. That’s because people have been staying at home and clearly don’t need the those expensive footwear they have been rocking to the office, party, events or school. People who have been on easy indoor footwear since this global pandemic called COVID-19 started taking humans hostage. According to a neighbor to neighbor research taken, we at Cillacritic have noticed that more people are using “slippers” more often than they used to. Although Slippers have been in serious fight with bare feet on what type of footwear is been used, we can assume that slippers have become an overnight bestselling footwear. Although this very underrated but essential footwear has been with humans in most parts of our existence on Earth; we have not really gotten to know what this object of protection, beauty and style is.
Slippers can be grouped or analyzed in two broad categories. There are: Based on design and based on material.

Right from the early day of shoemakers, slippers have been made in two basic design. They are the flip-flop and the half foot cover styles. Although flip flops are very easy to wear, they are relatively very cloth selective. In fact they are the most neglected type of footwear because of it’s very unofficial look. When one take a close look at one’s self, there is high possibility of not using flip flops for at least two hours. But that has changed with the Corona Virus lock down. The other type is the half foot cover style. This is perhaps more used compared to the flip-flop but not used as often to other shoes used for outings. Slippers are made primarily from four basic materials. They are PVC, cotton, Leather and Weaved Slippers. These designs have all become very important in the in this lock down season. See slides for different slippers styles.

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