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Something Else EP

Mr Eazi no doubt have been contributing his own quarter to the growth of African music. He has not just lend his vocal skills and slow beat Afrobeat sound which he calls the Banku sound but has helped the world see the quality of Joeboy. Just like any artist who is trying to stay relivant, he ventured into trying a new sound in his last EP. “One day you will Understand EP” was not really a dope EP for many reason. But on top of the list was the lack of originality in terms of he own sound. He depended so much on the trendy Nigerian Alternate sound. This made his banku sound to be reduced to just one track.

In the new EP however, Mr Eazi seems to have improved on his sound and gone back to the Banku sound which announced him. One could literally hear “Leg over” spice in his new “Love for you” track. On a personally, Mr Eazi sound way better when he is grooving in his Ghanaian slow Afrobeats Banku sound than the Nigerian Alternate sound.


“Love for you” and “E Be Mad” and songs that have the quality to become street jams. They are easy sing along songs with very low complexity.


This five track project had him team up with more than five music producers. On the List is Kel-P, E-kelly, Black Jezzy and Spellz. Spellz who works of Spizzi created a beat that would reminds people of his “Leg Over” rhythm. The song which is a slow beat ponpon beat has that signature lead electronic guitar which made leg over a cool street jam. Working with Black Jessy in the song “Saudi Arabia” they made the only Alternate sound song on the album. Just like any regular ponpon song, the song has the usual ponpon snare and shekere interplaying. Generally the album is a project of very simple African beats with inspiration from different Nigerian and Ghanaian musical origins.


The EP is love song themed album which has different regular love song messages. Although he opens the album with a song that talks more of himself as a man living his dreams. He still finds a way to integrate his love message in the song. Eazi brags about being a man living like a man in paradise with nice ladies at his beck and call. But from the tone of the song, he is singing from the perspective of a man trying to woo a special lady. So he uses the song to tell the lady to allow him into her life.

In song which titles “Love for you”, he sings about being uniquely in love with his lover. He uses the song to promise his lover that he will not misbehave or break her heart. Working with Xenia Manasseh, they made a song titled “Cherry”. He uses the song to declare his lover as a special kind of lady. Likening his lady to the Africa Cherry fruit, he sings about her unique taste and look. He finishes of the song by claiming that he wants to have this cherry to be able to squeeze and hold her.

“Saudi Arabia” is a song that he uses to equate his lover to a rare germ that he found in the Arabian country of Saudi Arabia. He uses the song to declare that he will cherish and pamper his lover like a rare gold that he found in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. In the final song on the five track EP, he makes a song he titles “E Be Mad”. The song just like the other songs he uses the song to exalt the beauty of his life. He tags being with her as madness because he cannot do without her. Declaring to pay the necessary bride price for her love, he claims that he is willing to do anything that is demanded from him to keep her love.

Something Else EP

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