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Read Stallion Savage Remix review while listening to the song below.

The word savage means a lot of things but when used to qualify a woman’s look then big backside, sexy looks and money is what Megan thee Stallion means. This is a song that Megan and Beyoncé use to glory and celebrate woman with big backside and classy looks. This song which is made with 70% of the lyrics sang in Rap rhymes see Beyoncé totally becoming a rapper. Black women have always been endowed with big backside; and Megan and Beyonce have just made a song which sees them accepts their looks and bank account as savage. The song is a club banger and if ladies with money and sexy bodies get to understand what the song is all about then there is chance the song may become a ladies anthem.


As stated in the review paragraph, the song celebrate ladies with very sexy looking body who are rich. The song opens up with a hook taken by Beyoncé. She announces herself and invites anyone who will like to smoke and turn up with her. Megan kicks off her first verse by stating that she is savage.  She goes on to list the reasons why she is savage. The first reason was the size of her body figure which was 32. Going on she states that she is from the hood and she has got a lot of money. Claiming that even though she is from the hood, that she is classy and has her name in the mouth of everybody. Rapping about a reaction an admirer of hers once said, she claims he said the way her backside moves is like a movie. Replying him, she said they had to get a room key and the rest you will find in the song.

The Chorus has them stating that she is savage which means that she is the following: One, she is classy which mean sophisticated and stylish. Two, she is boujee which means she is luxurious in lifestyle but yet humble. Three, she is Ratchet which means she is exciting and excellent. Four, that she is sexy which mean that she is sexually attractive or exciting. Five, she claims to be moldy which means she can be molded into anything. Finally number six, she claims to be elastic which mean she can adapt to different times, obstacles, problems, and season.

Beyoncé takes the other verse and talks about having big back side. She talks about how her figure makes people feel. In her words if you want to a real ass then looking at her is your best chance of seeing one. Elaborating on the size of her backside, she calls each part of her backside as cheeks and paints a lyrical picture of how her back side moves. Claiming that she knows her gang, Beyonce states with emphasis that if you don’t jump to put your Jean trousers on then you do not belong to her gang. Feeling electrified by her go given figure, she begs that people should not get her high but write her name in ice because she is the boss. She claims that she is rich and lives a luxurious life while he got her mad body figure from her mother Tina.

The third verse Megan advises guys who will love to have a Savage lady like herself and Beyonce. She tells them to work hard because they are rich, famous and with a really good looking body. This is a real girl power music.

# Stallion Savage Remix


This beat is simple beat whose rhythmic keys are sequenced with a grand piano. This grand piano can be heard from the start to the finish of the beat. The percussion line is kept basic with a normal Kick, clap and Hi-hats. Too add colour to the sound, there is an occasional introduction of some 808 bass-kicks and detuned pad sounds. The major work on this beat is the voicing and engineering of the song. There are lots of vocal chops and add lips which were well arranged.

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