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Nigerian Musicians always reference the Late Fela Kuti as a mentor and a father of Nigerian music however, it is sad to say that this legend of a man is only appreciated by Rappers who are too scared of a fight. ILLbliss and Falz are the only two Rappers who have produced songs which goes against the system in recent times. The others have been living in their mansions making popular music just to stay below the radar. What happens to making an album of 12tracks discussing extensively the bad things go ing on in the country they live in. They prefer singing about a “lady” “money” or “club life” with their carriers becoming dead by the day.

Nigerian Rappers have not had a global Rap Hit in recent years; Why?

I get so scared about life and how it can spill out from our hands even before we can live it. The truth is that everyone who is at the floor of life are scared of not making it. And yet when you make it, you begin to face new problems of being yourself because fame and fortune are the two “Fs” that gives and take away from you very quickly if you fall into the hands of depression.

Author Valentine Chiamaka