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Tekno Sudden Review

The genre of music which has announced Nigeria to the world created by Fela and Tony Allen was not always about love songs. According to Fela, music is a weapon and he used it to fight corrupt Nigerian politicians and rulers. Tekno has always gone back to the basics in his previous songs (music weapon) and does that again with the song titled “sudden”. A real Afrobeats song which gets people dancing while discussing serious issues, he reacts to political issues in Nigeria.


Tekno uses this song to react to the fast pace at which evil politicians loot and steal from Nigerians. He sings to the sudden ways at which funny evil things happens in Nigeria. Tekno opens the song by exclamation and lamenting. He declares that the suffering of Nigerians did not start today. According to him if it was by hardwork, poor people in Nigeria would have become very rich because Nigerians are hard workers. Criticizing the government and their ways of handling the police, he relatively implies that they pay them meager salaries and still give them guns. Obviously implying that alot of the police become corrupt due to this facts and steal.

Tekno Sudden Review

In a pre-chorus he uses a metaphoric statement to tag police officers. He calls them Tekno’s who have turned to Lagbaja because of the bad funding they get from the government. He unleashes another metaphoric statement on the Nigerian government, calling them talking drum. He says they always talk and never act with actions.
In the chorus, Tekno marvels at at the rate at which corrupt practices happens in Nigeria. In his words, all of a sudden: buildings catch fire just to protect their evil looting; all of a sudden: stealing and looting of billions have become a normal trend.

In the second verse, he laments that his opinion is not recognized because they tag him an ordinary musician. In his word if it was only steady electricity they could provide, then they should provide it for the masses. In the third verse he laments of the increase rate of people begging to survive. He also talks of people going hungry with no support on a daily basis because of poor governance. Tekno goes on to lament using the pre-chorus and chorus.


The sound is an Afrobeats sound with slight close relationship with makosa beats. It is mid tempo sound void of bongos and congas. The percussions was made with drum kit sounds with with no external percussions instrument. Tekno uses a normal electronic guitar to play the rhythm while blending with a solo keyboard keys used in most DR Congo Makosa songs to add colour. This can be heard clearly in the chorus.
This beat is very scanty in terms of number of instruments used. Unlike most songs made by Tekno,the baseline and lead tenor are all played from same instrument sound. Normally, this will affect the bump but Tekno achieves this with a rapid roll of the bass drum kicks. A real ingenious approach to the production.

Tekno Sudden Review

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