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Tekno Miles is arguably one of Nigerian’s top five Hit makers in recent times. He makes hit songs for a living. Tekno should have won himself a BET awards by now but he has not been able to do so. Pondering on why he has not achieved such feat, the answer was crystal clear. Tekno has bad management in his carrier. Tekno has released four songs that would have become mega hits if the right decision was done. Agege, Suru, Skeletun and now Kata are four good songs that would have taken the world by storm if Tekno and Universal music planned the promotion well. If you have listened to all these songs, you will find out the similarity in sound and production judging that Phantom produced 50% of the beats. It would have been more economical and impacting releasing six songs Extended play (EP) album with same sound. Music is all about optimizing investment and the effect it can have on fans, hence it would have been better releasing an EP of six tracks.


As for Kata, the single sang by Tekno and produced by Phantom beats; Tekno makes a song for a Nigerian Girl we already know called “Folake”. It will be nice to know that this fictional character that Tekno sang about in “Pana” has appeared again. In this song Tekno gives us another story of him asking Folake out. He also leaks the English name of Folake to be “Brenda”.

In the opening verse, Tekno talks about being able to commit murder in a bid to win Folake’s heart. He talks about being shattered by love hence he is ready to chase after her. He uses the abstract word “Kata Kata” to describe the way he will chase after her. The word Kata kata in Nigerian Pigin language means a fast, rushing movement of something. Tekno uses the word to refer to the intensity he will use to chase after Folake’s love.

In second verse, he talks about getting her number by all means possible. He claim to have fallen in love and has had his heart stolen by Folake. He again reiterates that he is ready to commit murder and wreck havoc just to have her in his life. Tekno gushes at the beauty of this lady and announces it to the world. He promised to love her and protect her interest at all times.
Tekno must be really obsessed with this set character of Folake that he has ended up flirting with her with two songs.


Folake showing up in two songs produced by two different music producers may have the same message but two different sound. While “Pana” which was cooked by Krizbeatz was a slow tempo ponpon afropop beat, “Kata” is a fast ponpon beat with backup makosa snare. Using a highlife lead and supporting electronic guitars, Phantom made a beat that can drag anybody off his or her sits. The special elements of this beat is the marching band feel given to the persuasion and this colourful live sounding drum rolls. As regards the keys, Phantom made do with some octave orchestral sound with the ever present ponpon back up key playing for every four bars. Perfect sequencing package of Afropop from start to finish.


This song for us at is a sequel of “Pana”. Hence Tekno should take his visuals back to china and make a video closely related to Pana’s video. The effects, lights, costume should have same theme. Also there should be a lot of dance scene and of course Folake should be present.

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