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Tems Damage Review

Nigerian Music have in the course of its metamorphosis have always had atist who tried their hands out in different genre genre of music. One of the genre of music is Jamaican dance hall music. A lot of artist in Nigeria have all tried their hands on it from General Pipe to Bukwald but one female artist who tried her hands on it and was gaining fans was Cynthia Morgan. In the early 2010s, she was breaking grounds until she had her record label issues.

One female artist who has similar characteristics sound-wise is Temilade Openiyi whose stage name is Tems. Already thriving in the musical community, Tems have had a working relationship with American Soul music make Khalid and is original. Originally an RnB artist, Tems made a new song with some elements of Jamaican Patois language. The song which is mid tempo dance hall jam will have somebody dancing. What is unique about the sound is the lack of noise in the mixing of the song. There is no noise in the form of reverbs or phasers. The productions reminds one of what Swaps beat did for Omah Lay in his EP. The production was super clean and it deserves a shoutout to the producers.


This is a song that talks about breaking up instead staying in a bad love relationship that will cause damages. She uses the song to tell a fictional lover of hers that she was done with him because she was not ready to deal with the damages of love that he brings to her.

Tems opens of the song by stating how she has been exploited by her lover. According to her she was a young innocent girl living her life till he came with all his drama. Stating that his off and on relationship drama was always topping the charts of bad relationships. According to her at a certain stage she had to open her eyes and see that her life was getting damaged and she had to run. She claims that she is not going to wait for him to ruin her life but declares that she is going to run because she does not want him anymore.

In the chorus she paints a lyrical picture of how the certain lover of hers coming back to beg her. She sings by asking what he really wants from her. She declares that she is done with him and the bad relationship because she does not want damages. This damages could be emotional, financial or in the form of time. She just gives him a piece of her mind that she wants to move on with her life without him causing damages.

The second verse has Tems sings about her being young and needing him because he was her world and everything. Asking him what else he has to offer her now that she is a woman, she tells him that he cannot help her to run her race. She claims to be doing very fine on her own and she would prefer to continue doing it on her own. However she claims that he has been trying to get back with her which she claims to be risky for him. She lashes out at him by telling him to not be a mad man by giving her useless calls that she would not pick. She underlines the fact that he had his chance with her but he blew it because of his carelessness and insensitive nature.

Tems Damage Review

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