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It’s been more than a month since my last post for and making a comeback with Teni’s EP is just right for the moment. I have always been a big advocate of Teni’s music because she is the only woman who makes music like a man in Nigeria. She understands Afrobeats and Afropop and that is why her potentials cannot be measured with fellow females. Nigeria music enthusiast and lovers before might argument when it comes to who is the best female musician in the Nigerian music scene. For some, they will pick Tiwa Savage while others will go for Yemi Alade because of their contribution to Nigerian music industry. Teni the entertainer has however come late but is making a serious strides to claim that title. Teni Billionaire EP will surely help her on her way to claim that crown provided other factors such as management and funding is improved.

One will want to ask me why I am so bold to make such statement but the fact is obvious for everyone to see. In a space of one year, Teni has metamorphosed from being an upcoming artist to the jewel of Nigerian music. She is the only female musician that both men and women in Nigerian listen to.  Tiwa and Yemi are great but most Nigerian men do not listen to their songs because they sound too feminine and at such do not appeal to them. Teni is a different kettle of fish because she has the voice, charisma, sound and music that boys and men can grove to. I have never listened to Teni and feel like I am listening to female singer. Love is not the only message of her song; she has found a way to add motivation, hustle and groove to her messages. She makes everybody get crazy on the dance flow while talking sense or being dumb. She is in a class of her own and other Nigerian female musicians are in class below her when it comes to making music. Other female musician might be bigger than her in terms of longevity and accolades but all Teni needs is time and good management to beat their records.


Billionaire EP was made on three basic messages which are Money, Love and Enjoying life. The song “Billionaire” talks of her wanting to being very rich, having all that she ever wanted. She talks about living life like a movie, waking in expensive cars and never minding what people say about her.

“Complains” is my personal best song in this album and it talks about money and living life without complains. She challenges everyone to work hard and achieve the life they want because it is achievable. Telling us that making money and having a good life with no complains is the life she dreams of and works for.

“Shayo” can get a dead spirit dancing and talks about getting high. She talks about how she feels when she is drunk and around boyfriend. Teni claims that she can do anything for her man when she is high on alcohol. She declares that she does not just need a man but she needs a man who can handle her when she is high on alcohol.

“Super Woman” talks about loyalty to one’s man irrespective of availability of money. She claims that she will be a super woman for her man both in times of good and bad. She declares that walking down the isle with her man is her goal hence the availability of cash and good life is not her priority.


This beats of this EP is Dope but what stood out for me was the construction and arrangement of the lyrics. “Complains” which was made with a Hiphop beat with few Trap Hi-hats in it could get one grooving in a car ride. The last verse features Teni singing in some Spanish influenced vocals which gives it a global feel. The beat and the delivery of Teni is just classic. If the song becomes a classic, I won’t be surprised.

“Shayo” had full Afropop beat with very small influence of makosa beat. What is also striking in this song is the arrangement and delivery of the pre chorus of the song. Singing with an Indian influenced vocal, she powers everyone into a mad dance. Teni’s Delivery in this album is just epic. She is a lady with mad vocal talent-her producer harnesses her qualities effectively.

Possible Hit and Flops

All the songs in this albums are Hits; it will be a sin for me to rate any song as a flop. She gave creativity in sound and in lyrics. She made Hiphop, Konto, Afropop/Makosa and Afro-Juju sounds. She did not just make the songs but killed each beat with super delivery.

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