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Fridays are always that time of the week when musicians in Nigeria and around the world release songs. The suprise package of 2nd May 2020 was the unannounced release of the first extened play album of Starboy artist, Terri RYN. Terri RYN have been in the Starboy record label for almost two years but have not realeased a body of work like this. 2020 which have shown to be a negative year in the world have just turned out to be that year that has Terri flying. The EP which is titled “Afro Series” is a body of music comprising of seven songs. Terri Afro Series Review

Listening to Terri Sing, one might be confusing him for Wizkid. He is a Wizkid double and that can be seen in the way he lays his lyrics with high afrobeats influnence. Creating vocals that sound like Wizkid. This may not really be the way to go because people do not really appreciate copycats. For example, when Joel blew into the scene with 2Baba’s vocal style; he eventually faded away with time. The way to go is to try to create his own sound and style of vocals. Because he can as well call himself Wiskid version 2.0 if he continues like this moving forward.

In summary, the EP releaesed by Terri and the Starboy management is a good groovy Afropop project. And can become a street hit in a matter of days. But the influence of Wizkid is too much on the project which is not totally what an up and coming artist like Terri needs. Having access to producers like Mutay and Sarz have not really helped in creating a new sound for Terri. Mutay of Legendury beats and Sarz are the reason that Wizkid have mad hits over the years. No doubt they may have done that (created mad hit songs) for Terri but the question now is: “how long is Terri going to sing like Wizkid?” “How long will he walk in his shadow?” Terri has to work on tweaking his vocals and maybe production style. Terri can become his own sound maker and not a Wizkid version 2.0. The album is totally lovable on first listening. It can capture anybody’s mind on a first play. Terri did well for a first EP album. If promoted well, everybody will be waiting for his new project, when it drops.


Terri made an EP centered on two basic message which are: hardwork and romance. Using his music as tool of encouragement, he motivates people to work hard. Mixing up things a little, he created some love songs to give a complete blend. “Wake up” is an Afropop sound with lots of Afrobeats influnence which Terri uses to tell people to work hard to earn a living. Using his life as a testimony, he tells everybody to see what waking up everyday and grinding did for him. Terri uses his music to admonish and advice people to work hard for all they want to have in life. “Ode” is another Afropop song which is influenced by traditional juju music of the Yoruba people. In this song, Terri uses his vocals to tell people to enjoy themselves after working so hard for the money. Telling people to hustle, he also reminds them to try to enjoy life to the fullest. He says this because tomorrow is not gauranteed.

In the song that he talks about women, he talks of being in love. In the song titled “My Chest”, he sings to a lady to allow him love her and rob her chest while she does same to him. He tells the lady that he wants to be more than friends to her. “Balance” is a song that has Terri talk about a lady he tags as superwoman. In his words, he wants to give this lady his heart. Claiming that he is balanced, he tells the lady that no man can take her away from him even if he was drunk. In a Konto sound, Terri creates a song titled “ojoro”. Ojoro is a song which Terri uses to tell a lady to stop playing games with him. In his words , the lady should accept his proposal.

The song which is titled “Kill Man” talks about the effect of a lady’s style on him. In his words only a particular lady knows how to make him feel alright. In his words she is the only one who treates him like her doll. Finally “Doo” is a song that has Terri sing to a lady who has refused to accept his relationship offer. Terri asks this lady what he means to her while beging her to behave favourably to him.


Generally this album has good songs but two songs stands out of all the rest. “Wake up” and “Ode” should be the flag songs of this album. The Afrojuju and Afrobeats influence of the songs are just totally lovable. Also the message of the songs are just different from the other songs and if promoted well could become part of his major hits in music.

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