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Terri Come around Review

Terri broke into the music scene when he featured on Starboy’s Soco single which was released some years back. He consolidated on that by releasing his first major project; an Extended Play album last year and it made it relatively big in the street. One of the notable criticism of that project was the way he made music that sounded too much like the songs made by Wizkid who doubles as his boss and mentor.

We at cillacritic criticized him for copying the sound and vocal styles of Wizkid which robbed him of his own originality. But there was only one way to evaluate his sound and as he moved on in his music carrier. And that is by following his gradual growth. In this new single which he titles “Come around”, Terri gives a clear picture of the type of Afropop musician he is. Playing through his EP of 2020, one could easily pick out Ojoro as a song that sound different form the other song. Ojoro is a song which was made with popular ghetto sound genre called Koto. And this new single has same element.

With Terri trying to carve out a niche for himself in the musical market place in Nigeria, he has to have his own sound niche which will propel him into a household name. And if Konto music is what he feels comfortable with then it might just be his musical niche.


Working with STG on the production of this song, they created a Konto sound. Konto sound is a sub-genre of Afropop which blends Reggae Strings and African percussion lines. What they did differently was to reduce the influence of the Reggae lead guitar but kept the tempo of the sound fast like most Konto music. A clear relation of sound can be made between Terri’s sound and the sounds made by Oritshe Femi and African China. This sound which is groovy originally is improved on by STG to give it the modern sound that makes it have close relationship with Nigerian Alternate sounds.


The song like most Nigerian Afropop songs is a love song. Terri opens up the song with a Refrain detailing that he was invited over by lady that he is romantically involved with. In a reply to her, he claims he will neither dull nor turn down the offer to be with her. According to him, what she has in terms of virtues as a woman is what he like and wants.

 In a pre-chorus he instructs the lady to tell her mother that she has won his heart. Claiming that he is hooked to her just like a man under a spell, he claims that she has everything a woman has to have to match his looks hence his will always choose her. He finishes off in a chorus by declaring that he will always come around whenever she calls.

In the only verse of the song Terri begs her to tell him what he does not know already. According to him, her looks when she walk makes him go crazy. He uses a metaphor of his ship capsizing to explain the way he feels whenever she walks like the real African woman that she is. He begs her to stay and be with him because even if she is far away he will always choose her.

Terri Come around Review

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