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Terry Apala Major Vibes EP Review

Terry Apala, one of Nigerian’s fuji Rap stars released a project with producer: Majorbangz. The project which is a six track project can be said to be one of the few rap EPs that Nigerian artist have released in recent times. Terry is one of those artist who pioneered a sound or style. His rap style is different from other rappers. His rap style is like the modern Afrocentric rap that has Drake and Ruddy Ricch blazing in recent time. It is like singing but rooted on fused rhyming lyrics. What he does differently is the use of traditional Yoruba chant vocals. This gives it a unique African flavor and vibe which is classy.

“Major Vibes EP” may not become a hit project. The reason for this is that Terry is not one of those artist who have a very far reach. Some people in Nigeria do not even know who he is. But there is one song which everyone will have to listen to. Unlike the other songs which are rap songs or RnB jams, He created the song with an Afrobeats sound. The song is titled Maruwa and it is unique because of the message in the song.

The project is a good one and may become something if the right traks are promoted. If Terry can get his song to be played on early morning radios in Nigeria, then Maruwa may just become another “Uyo Meyo” in Nigeria. Another song that can become a hit is “Feeling fly” because of the mix of Afropop and Hiphop tune. It may even become an international hit. On a personal level, the project is a dope one and will definitely be on replay.


The six track EP is made of song of different topic sentence. The first song on the EP has Terry make a call on his fan and supporter to rep him by shouting “Halle”. The song which is titled “Halle” is used to appreciate long standing fans of his craft. Stating that he has always been on his own grind in the industry, he claims to have been kept by the grace of God. He claims that many people do not mess with him because they could end up with gunshots for cheap issues. Finishing up the song, he claims that he is not in any competition with anybody for spots. Hence he is grateful to God and his fans. He promises that he will never disappoint his fans who believe in his music and craft.

Majorbangz fuses Afropop to Hiphop to create a beat and a song titled “Feeling fly”. Terry Apala talks about feeling fly and partying to the roof. He raps about being rich and hustling hard to make money. Furthermore he claims that it is only when one is rich that one knows whether he/she is a born again Christian or not. Talking about his designer cloths, rich meals and luxury cars, he brags about not being moved by situation because he is mad rich.  

Terry Apala Major Vibes EP Review

“Maruwa” is a song that talks about the love that exist between most tricycle riders and their wives. Maruwa is the term used to qualify commercial tricycles in Nigeria. It is usually rode by people living in the slums of Lagos and are relatively poor. Apala uses the song to celebrate the kind of love that exist between love birds in those slum. He marvels at the way they find themselves in such poor state but find a way to make love happen. He talks about some being homeless but still fall in love and start a family-all from the proceeds of daily transporting of passengers in their tricycle. He raps about how kids are raised in this poor state but turn out good.  He marvels at the type of bond that could make people still love in such bad living situations. And tags it Maruwa love.

In summary the EP is a good collection of songs. Maruwa is the major vibe in the Major Vibe EP and enough should be done for the promotion of the project.

Terry Apala Major Vibes EP Review

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