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Teyana Taylor The Album, album Review

Teyana Taylor is a popular name in America entertainment industry. From modeling to acting and music. She has made a name for herself and everyone who have been following her carrier can give her toms up for her effort.

A major in RnB and Soul music, Teyana makes songs which are not really trendy these days. If it was in the late 90s and early 2000s, Teyana would have had the world being patient enough to listen to her soul and RnB songs. But these days, the world lacks the patiences to follow songs made with all the purity of RnB and Soul in it. The reason people like 6lack and Khalid are making hits is because of the way they fuse their songs with trap beats. But with “The Album” album, Teyana does not do enough to create a global hit album.

Looking at the long list of tracks, I was like how many songs are in this album that can become hit songs. Listening to her 23tracks album was really an investment in patiences because the general tempo of the songs was very slow because of the purity of the songs. RnB and Soul songs are usually mid tempo or slow tempo so her album was more of meditation songs than of turn up songs. There are few songs that one will like to replay but turning up a deck for twenty-three soul dampening songs is just a far reach.

The projections of this songs on the billboard will be very low and it’s play on radio station will only be at night when people are looking to sleep. It is an applaudable effort but not that album that will create a lasting effect. However the saving grace of this album is the army of featured stars that she has in the album. The likes of Quavo, Missy Elliot, Kehlani, Future, Erykan Badu, Lauren Hill, Davido, and a few more will help the project gain popularity.


The album is generally a love themed album with some elements of inspirational songs. In the second song on the album titled “Come back to me”, she features Junie and Rick Ross. They sing about her lover coming back to her after being away for a long time. Explaining that she and her lover has been away for so long, she tells him that if she holds his heart, then he should come back to her.

In one of the stand out songs of the album she sings to to her lover to wake up for some sweet loving. Working with IMan, they made a song titled “Wake up Love”. She claims that she needs to be comforted by the touch of her lover as the bed sheets would not be enough. Working with Quavo, they made a song titled “Let’s Build”. The song talks about building a working love relationship together with her lover. It is a really nice song that has the Quavo of the Migos group show his RnB strength.

Teyana Taylor The Album, album Review

Working Kehlani on a song titled “Morning”, they sing about making good mad love to one’s lover every morning. In another song which is probably the only groovy song in the album, Teyana sings about becoming bad because of a toxic relationship she was into. The song which is made with Caribbean Reggae influence is titled “Bad”. She tells her ex lover that he took a good lgirl and turned her into a bad girl.
Working with Nigerian Afrobeats/Afropop heavy weight: Davido, they made a song titled “Killa”. The song has Teyana and Davido sing about the love, body and style of a lady as a Killa.

In summary, Teyana Taylor created an album that will make people loose interest while still listening to the album. Too many songs which are all average with no spark songs.


The possiblity of a song being a hit or a flop song is dependent on the listener. 23tracks of songs of slow boring songs could really have people choosing any song as a flop and hit.

Teyana Taylor The Album, album Review

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