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Chancellor Jonathan Bennett aka Chance the Rapper is a Grammy winner but I honestly think he is overrated. His album is not a reflection of what a Grammy winner- hiphop rap category should be having. Normally great rap music is supposed to compel the ears of a listener to listen. The Big day album by Jonathan lacks that. One tends to get tired of the album before one starts listening. Although his flows are good, most of the song sound like church song or late 90s RnB music. Most of the songs do not turn up a club or allow for meditation. The Big day album is not just what I expected from a Grammy winner like Chance. I am a mad lover of Kendrick Lamar’s musical art and I wish I could say that for Mr. Chancellor.

The only thing that was gotten right was the production. He wanted to create album that sounded like music from late 90s and it sure sounded so. Some of his Raps sounded like child’s play when compared to the bars dished out by rappers of this age. Chance is obviously one of those rappers who will surely do better as singers. He has a good voice but his poetry is weak.


Twenty-Two songs in one album is a lot and could cause a MC to loose sight of a suitable album theme.  This album does not have a stand out message. It talks about everything and anything. He tried to be creative by singing about everything and anything and made the album loose its identity.  It talks about love and haters in “Let”. He talks about forgetting haters and sticking to ones love. He talked about his childhood and general life as he grew older in “Roo”. He talks about dealing with life and how to deal with life issues. My personal best of the album is “The Big Day” because it is honest. Although the rap was crazy and dumb; it seems to be the best song on the album.

This album is a pack of confusion for so many reasons. Chance is supposed to be Rapper but the number verses on the album is way more than the bars. The constant change in delivery makes the album tiring to listen to. It is an album which many persons will never go back to even if they spent a million on it. Bad song selection and the quantity of song is just too much for a bad album.


More than fifteen producers worked on this album and they came good on the production. The only identity of this album is the beat. All the beats were sequenced and engineered to sound like music of the Late 90s and it was so.  With some pop sound mixed a little with boom bass sound; producers like Verner, Scott. Fox and a host of other did a good job. The problem is that Chance did not have any real story to tell hence the album is bad. Good rap albums are products of good stories.


“Do you remember” and “the big day” is good for meditation and is worth listening to. They have good messages about life in them. Although I have serious issues with Chance the Rapper’s delivery; I could see these song becoming hits. One problem with albums made by made musicians is that their fans always make their songs go viral. This album is not a good album. The album contains Twenty-two songs that will be forgotten easily.


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