The Black Book – A Thriller Unveiling a Father’s Pursuit for Justice

The Black Book - A Thriller Unveiling a Father's Pursuit for Justice

Director: Editi Effiong
Writers: Editi Effiong, Bunmi Ajakaiye
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: September 22, 2023
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Language: English
Production Company: Anakle Films

Plot Summary

In the gripping thriller “The Black Book,” we are thrust into a world where faith and the criminal underworld collide. When the only child of a revered man of God is ruthlessly murdered and unjustly implicated in a crime, his father embarks on a perilous journey into the dark underbelly of society to unearth the chilling truth behind his son’s tragic demise.


One of the most striking moments of “The Black Book” is its brilliant yet simple cinematography. There’s a scene where Paulo, the protagonist, gazes up at a cross, and to our amazement, the cross seems to return his gaze. It’s a mesmerizing shot that defies expectations, leaving a profound impact on the viewer. The cinematography throughout the film, along with the editing, is commendable and adds depth to the storytelling.


While “The Black Book” excels in many aspects, it is not without its flaws. A noticeable issue arises in a gun-related scene early on in the movie. It appears that the laws of physics are momentarily suspended when a character pulls the trigger of a revolver, and the bullet inexplicably remains in mid-air. This glaring error disrupted the immersion for viewers, and a correction or reshoot of the scene would have been advisable. Additionally, there are some shortcomings in the action sequences, which, while improved, still fall short of the high standards we’ve seen in Nollywood.

Personal Opinion

One puzzling aspect of the film is the fate of Shaffy Bello’s character, Big Daddy. After a chilling murder at the receptionist’s desk, it’s unclear how she managed to escape the assassin’s clutches. This unanswered question leaves us wondering about her character’s destiny.

Furthermore, the appearance of Ireti Doyle and her husband in the same movie raises curiosity, especially in light of the news surrounding their divorce. Whether the film was produced before their separation or if they’ve since reconciled remains a question mark for those who don’t closely follow celebrity news.

Critical Rating

In conclusion, “The Black Book” is a thrilling journey into the depths of a father’s determination to uncover the truth. With its brilliant cinematography, though marred by some avoidable errors, and a gripping narrative, it manages to captivate the audience. While not without its flaws, it’s an engaging addition to the thriller genre. On a critical scale, I would rate it 6.8/10. “The Black Book” is a film worth watching for its unique moments and compelling storyline.



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