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Nigerian Rappers have in times past worked on collaborative projects. The two that comes to mind is the Olamide/Phyno and Falz/Simi collaborations. The Live Report EP is a collaborative project by MI and A-Q. This two rappers can be arguably regarded as the best lyricist of Nigerian Rap industry. A-Q won the award for best lyricist in the recently passed Hades awards in Nigeria. They put all that sauce in a six track EP that was voiced, mixed, mastered and released in seven days. Working with six beats made by “Beats by Jayy”, Mi and A-Q made some fire vocals of issues based rap music. It is hardcore rap void of any form of trap and insensible lyrics. This EP is a very dope Rap project that is loaded like a full rap album. This album is called Live Report and it is an issue based collection of tracks. The Corona Virus, Churches in Nigeria and issues concerning one’s self are all discussed. Real recognizes real and this album is a real work of art that will be appreciated by real Rap music lover.


Tone of Conservation

This a song which the two artist uses to announce themselves to the audience. MI talks about his legendary status. Stating that he has been in the game for thirteen years, he talks about the ill feelings that other rappers have for him. He talks about his passion for music being powered by his passion for Christ. Talking about other artist, he tags them drug and sex addicts who need serious reorientation and advice. He says that many of them have planned caskets of death for him but he has a wonderful return policy. Tagging himself as a Spanish drug lord, MI states that when other rappers sense his presence they varnish. Finishing up his lines, he claims to has schooled at least five rappers in the thirty six state of Nigeria. And he says he will forever bow his head to MCs who did it before him because where he is, is a privilege.

The second verse which is taken by A-Q sees him announce himself as the new kid in the block who will take the game further. The first major punch line he gave was that in his short life time, he has crowned so many kings and now is his coronation. He goes after other MCs who are planning to compete with him in the Rap industry. Talking about how he will beat them to the rap game, he claims he will deal with them like a cardiovascular doctor. He concludes his verse by stating that he knows other people envy him because he just made what a lot of them dream about which is a joint project with MI.

Gilbert Bani aka A-Q

The Live Report

The song titled “the live report” is song that has A-Q and MI talk about the conspiracy theories that have flooded the world in this Corona Virus Pandemic era. MI talks about the dumbness of people of people who claim that the 5G technology is the cause of the Corona virus. He tells everybody that have been peddling these stories of 5G and corona Virus to go have common sense. He admonishes people that before they accept any theory, that they should look through it under a lens. He however weeps at the masses who have all been brainwashed by their pastors and blind religion. MI concludes his argument by claiming that there was no time in the bible that God said he was going to destroy the world through common cold. He states that the scientific facts of the corona Virus is what he believes and not some end time conspiracy theory.

Trying to educate people on a new conspiracy theory, A-Q talks of how the tech gurus are trying to domesticate people. He claims the tech guru created a disease that will keep people at home. According to him, he claims that while people switch from one social media to another, they are making money. In his word, the world is not being destroyed according to end time stories but the excessive invention and greediness of Tech giants. According to him, the tech Giants are cashing out when people are losing jobs and staying at home. And they are doing this and lying to the world through the end of times stories.

Jesus said use your Head

A-Q and MI went ballistic on men of God who have been taking advantage of their followers. A-Q uses his bars to address the issues of lack of Knowledge among church goers. In his words, people refuse to pick up the bible and learn instead they stick to what their pastors tell them. He talks about them being brainwashed by these men of God. This brainwash becomes a trans-generational thing because parents get brainwashed and they in turn brainwash their kids, repeating the same circle. Adding that he is not judging, he reminds people that to be a Christian is to be Christ Like. And Jesus called out the Pharisees when they were teaching the people wrong things. He goes on to set example of false messages that men of God teach. Finishing up his rhymes, he tell everyone that most men of God are not Christ like.

MI uses his verse to ask God a few question. Accepting that God said touch not my anointed, MI says that he has been having problem knowing which of these men of God are his anointed. Claiming that many of his friends have been hurt by the cunning acts of these so called Men of God; MI say he will only have to attack them the way Jesus did by using parables. In his words, if he goes about calling the names of these funny Men of God, he will murder his musical carrier (Carrier Homicide). MI said this because he knows he will lose a large chunk of his followership because he went against their spiritual leaders. He goes against the popular doctrine of “Favour over Labour” which he say is wrong because God only gives favour to the hardworking. Finally he finishes up his bars by stating that every Christian should stay woke and never allow another sheep to tell them they are his sheep.

Jude Abaga aka MI

Brave Heart

This is a song that had MI and A-Q rap about their life in the quarantine. Using the popular screen character played by Mel Gibson as inspiration, A-Q raps about his state of mind in this era of Corona virus. He talks about his ideas and goal of 2020 not being affected by the global pandemic. He takes a swipe on celebrities who keep giving money away online. He says that he cannot do that because his family needs his money. In his words he has a better advice for free. The advice was discovering once talent and pursuing it with God.

In the second verse rapped by MI, he goes after people who have been trying to take a swipe and him to get popular. He addresses them as colleagues and calls them to be friendly to him so that he could teach them how to get rich as real rappers. He claims many of them are claiming to have put their all into their music when all they have been doing is like a hole in the ground and calling it designer toilet sit. Stating that he is not a fool, he says he will never beef them on a track because it will make them famous.

Clap For Yourself

Clap for yourself is a song that MI and A-Q uses to lash out at people who live fake life. The song opens up with a chorus that mocks people who keeps showing their life on social media. They call the money these individuals flaunt as mp3 audio. MI and A-Q uses a switch from English vocals to Pigin language when they spoke their line. MI flows his rhyme personifying himself as a social media rich man. He talks about his flamboyant lifestyle which are unfortunately lies. A-Q uses his verse to talk about the fake life of people living in Lagos. He talks about their money being audio money just like what Rudeboy from the defunct Psquare called his song.

When I’m Gone

This a song that MI and A-Q uses to tell people to appreciate them while they are alive and not when they are dead. A-Q talks about the nonsense that technology has done to values that are used to celebrate people. He talks about everything being on social media which makes everything easy to forget. He tells everybody to cherish him in analog and not is audio digital ways.

MI uses his verse to tackle the issues of people going against people on social media just to make news. Talking about tweeter and how people forget that it is a large reach- he states that they eventually making peoples life a living hell. He talks about the online bully that people experience before they commit suicide. In his words when he dies, people who insult and make his life hell on social media will always send some loved up tweets when he dies. He tells everybody that death is inevitable so they should create good memories.

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