The Wizkid Effect on Nigerian Street Style

In the vibrant world of Nigerian music, one name that stands out is Wizkid. Since bursting onto the scene in 2010 with his hit single “Holla at Your Boy,” Wizkid not only made waves in the music industry but also left an indelible mark on Nigerian fashion culture. Known for his unique style and fashion-forward choices, Wizkid became a trendsetter and influenced the sartorial choices of a whole generation. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Wizkid shaped the fashion landscape in Nigeria.

The Ama Kip Kip T-shirt

In 2010, the South African fashion brand Amakipkip was just beginning to gain traction in Nigeria, and Wizkid played a pivotal role in its rise to prominence. After the release of his hit single and a visually stunning music video, everyone wanted to don the AmaKipKip shirt. Wizkid’s style made it accessible for young Nigerians to rock this trendy T-shirt with a distinctive flair. The best part? You could pair it with the same shoes and a different color of shoelaces and a baseball hat. Wizkid made owning an AmakipKip T-shirt a fashion aspiration for many.

The Black Converse All-star sneakers and Colored Shoelaces

Wizkid’s influence extended to footwear, where he made a significant impact by pairing black Converse All-star sneakers with colored shoelaces. This ingenious style hack transformed a classic and affordable sneaker into a fashion statement. Young Nigerians embraced this trend wholeheartedly, making it a craze on college campuses and beyond. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this style made it an accessible choice for many.

The Mohawk Hairstyle

During his early days as a superstar, Wizkid sported the iconic Mohawk hairstyle. This trendy yet easy-to-maintain hairstyle became a street hit, not just in Nigeria but worldwide. Wizkid’s adoption of the Mohawk inspired countless Nigerian teens and young adults to rock the same look. Even today, many people who got their groove on during that era still embrace the vintage charm of the Mohawk.

The G-Shock Wrist Watch

Wearing a wristwatch never looked as cool as it did when Wizkid and his contemporaries, including Ice Prince and Skales, flaunted their G-Shock watches. While G-Shock had previously collaborated with global artists like Eminem, it was Wizkid and his Nigerian peers who made G-Shock a streetwear essential in Nigeria. This trend not only elevated wristwatches as a fashion statement but also led to a surge in the popularity of digital watches.

The Supra Craze

In addition to Converse All Stars, another sneaker craze that swept through Nigeria was the Supra sneaker, championed by Wizkid, Ice Prince, and Skales. While Lil Wayne had popularized Supra sneakers globally, it was these Nigerian artists who made Supra a coveted item in the streets of Nigeria. Just like with Converse All Stars, Wizkid’s knack for matching Supra sneakers with T-shirts of the same color made it a must-have for fashion-conscious Nigerians.


Wizkid’s influence in the Nigerian fashion scene cannot be overstated. From Amakipkip T-shirts to Mohawk hairstyles and G-Shock watches, he not only shaped trends but also made fashion accessible and relatable to the youth. Wizkid’s fashion journey is a testament to the power of individual style in influencing culture and inspiring generations to embrace their unique fashion statements. In Nigeria, he remains not only a music sensation but also a fashion icon.


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