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Timaya Gratitude Album Review

Inetimi Timaya Odon who is popularly known as Timaya have been creating hits since the first day his first album dropped. Unlike many musicians that the quality of their music drop as the years go by, Timaya have become an old wine that becomes sweeter with time. Just like other artist before, with and after him, he has faced different criticism from people. But year after year Timaya keeps ruling the dancehall. At just one decades away from half a century of life, Timaya is still making songs that the old and young can relate to.

Although this album might not rule the mainstream like when Timaya did in his prime, “Gratitude” will still finds a way to put one or two of his tracks in the playlist of DJs in Nigerian and around the world. Gratitude is a project that projects Timaya as a musician who chosen his calling and is enjoying the pure sweetness from it.


Songs like “Chulo Bothers Nobody” will become a hit song because of the sound and the controversy that it will breed in the streets. Also songs like “local and Bougie”, “Don Dada”, “No Limits”, and few other songs will definitely get people dancing for months to come.


Gratitude is the long playlist of the already released Chulo Vibes Extended play released some months back. And just like Chulo Vibes, it is a mid tempo track list of Afropop tunes that are mostly alternate sounds. Most of the song has Timaya and his team of producers mix two or more Nigerian sounds while blending it with the Afrobeats shekere.  

One song that is quite different and interesting is “Local and Bougie”. The song which is a blend of Hiphop and South African house music. The creativity that Timaya puts in the vocals of the song is quite unique and suits the groove of the beat.


The album is lyrically themed at reflecting Timaya’s Journey as an A-List music maker in Nigeria. Timaya uses this song to celebrate his longevity and ever growing prowess and influence. He counts his loss and gains and generally brag about him not slowing down.

In one of the high energy songs in the album titled “No Limits”, Timaya sing about never having any limits. He brags about always winning the dance fall any time he release his sound. He goes against people who claim he is antisocial.  According to him, it is his life and style of living. “No Limits” can turn up any dance floor with the ponpon sound of the song.

In a captivating intro, Timaya makes one of the best songs on this album. Titling it “Chulo Bothers Nobody”, he sings about always living his life void of troubles to or from people. Although he claims to bother nobody, he takes a swipe at individuals who were nabbed by the international police for internet fraud related case. The song which is also a ponpon beat song can get a crowd nodding to the music.

“Don Dada” is a song that Timaya uses to reflect on how people he has helped have all turned their back on him. According to him, he is grateful that he is still rich because if by chance he was at the mercy of people he helped; he claimed that he would have suffered. He finishes off by claiming that he will rather save and invest him money for tomorrow instead of spending all his money on in the club. In another song that has close relationship with “Don Dada” is “Something must kill a man”. The song highlights the popular saying of “something must kill a man”. According to him, he believes the popular saying is true but that does not mean one should waste his or her resources by not planning.

Finishing of the songs in the album has Timaya give thanks to God for helping him through life and music so far. He attributes his longevity and dominance on the dance floor to God.

Timaya Gratitude Album Review

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