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Tiwa Savage Celia Album Review

Tiwa Savage and her new album can not be criticized negatively by anybody. Usually I don’t start a review with such a very good sentence. But the Afrobeats queen from Nigeria made me do so. Normally when an album is released, what we at cillacritic lookout for is the first the message, the second thing we look out for is the unity in sound. Before we look at the vibe. In this album, there are songs that passes some real message of women acting and reacting to love.

In terms of unity in sound, Tiwa Savage made an album of sounds from Nigeria which are Afropop and Afrobeats. She did not switch her sound to soul, EDM, pop, RnB or Hiphop. She stayed with either the ponpon beat, alt sound, or the Fela Afrobeats sound. She kept her sound clean and true to herself. In terms of Vibe, from when she started releasing the singles from Attention, Dangerous Love to Temptations, it was clear that Tiwa had the album which could compete with Ceeza Milli’s Diamond in the Rough album. Every song was a banga or a Gbedu like Nigerians will call it.

This album is her best big project since she became a force in the Nigerian grown sound. I sincerely wish she can promote this album the way it should be. In an album of twelve tracks, she has not less than six hit songs which is epic. Her work with Cracker Fallom, Lonond(LDN), Black Jezzy, Speroach and some other new age producers in Nigeria really payed off. Her intelligent features which includes Samsmith, Stefflon Don, Davido, Naira Marley, Hamzaa and Dice Ailes was just paid off. They seemed to blend with her energy and that is rare to have. This album is her blessing, I sincerely wish it has the kind of airplay and international promotion it will need to be appreciated globally.


The album is generally themed on love messages. But some songs also dealt with social cultural problems of Nigeria. Using her afropop sound to sell her song, she made different songs that can turn up the soul of any one on a dance floor. In one of the loves songs, she features Hamzaa and they sing about going crazy because of the love showed to them by their lover. The song talks about drowning in the effect of a guy she just met. She claims that since she met him, she has been acting and feeling crazy (Pakalamisi). She titles the song “Pakalamisi” and it is a real good vibe.

“Attention” is a song which Tiwa Savage makes a song from the perspective of a lady who is not getting quality attention from her lover. She outlines the short coming of her lover and tells him that they have to take a break. She claims that he does not treat her nice like he used to do and treaten to get quality attention from another person who cares. This song is just epic and the lyrical quality of the jam is very unique and easy to understand. Black Jezzy and Tiwa Savage made a really dope love song in Afrobeats.

Tiwa Savage Celia Album Review

Working with Stefflon Don and Dice Ailes, they sing about the sexual features of a guy and lady. Tiwa who celebrates her smashing looks tells her lover to come and make her feel sexually electrified. She tells the world that her backside is bigger than Bombay in India. Working with the London again, she sings about being bigger than a messed up relationship. In the song which she titles it F**k with my mind sings about being ready to break up a relationship-if she is treated badly. In a lyrical unleash, she tells her mind that she likes her freedom and she needs to be treated nicely to stay in a relationship.

Working with DMW boss Davido, she sings about being ready to please her lover. In the song which she titles “Park Well”, she tells her lover to tell her lover to take his time to stay by her side. Hence like a car about to park, she tell him to settle down with her forever.

Working with the Naira Marley in a song titled “Ole”, she explores the social crime of debtors. In a direct plea and treat to anybody owing her, she tells the person to pay up. Painting a picture of a Nigeria market who is asking her debtor to pay up, she calls the person an Ole, meaning thief. In summary, she made  a really dope album and when we are grading twelve tracks projects, she will be a force to reckon with.

For reviews of her singles please click the highlighted words: Koroba and Dangerous love. Some other songs that are worth listening to is Hallelujah and Tempation. In fact the album is OKAY and doing Well.

Tiwa Savage Celia Album Review

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