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Tiwa Savage Dangerous Love Review

Tiwa Savage is no doubt one of the best modern female Afropop music star. She has paid her dues and has the numbers to back up her status. She is one of Nigerian finest and she can comfortably sit in anybody’s top Ten Nigerian Artist.

What has kept her relevant in the music industry has always been her drive to work with the best on the job. From Spellsbeats to Pheelzbeats, Tiwa has found ways to work with A-list producers. This new single which is like a snippet to her forthcoming album underlines the fact that Tiwa is going to remain in the musical game for a long time.

Dangerous Love is a song that has Pheelz the Mr producer of YBNL records uses the same template he uses for FireBoy DML. The track which has the same instrumental elements also has creativity written all over the lyrical composition. Tiwa harnessed every element that Pheelz used to make FireBoy’s album lit. The song will be a good international hit because of the use of pure English language in at least 85% of the vocals. The production of this song sounds like Fireboy was in the room when the lyrics was being crafted. A really dope beat with simple but nice lyrics.


The song is about the helplessness of a lady to the one she really loves. Tiwa who sings from the perspective of a lady who is deeply in love with her man, calls the love she has for her man as a dangerous love. It is dangerous to her because she claims that if the man refuses or stops to love her back in the same measure; then there is high possibility emotional and mental breaking down.

Tiwa Savage Dangerous Love Review

The first verse opens up with Tiwa claiming that she has been in her room for days. Declaring that she have been cold but has refused to go out and have her body warmed by the sun, she claims she needs her man because he is her sun.

Alleging that the love she has for him is like the love of a young lady who has never fallen in love before, she tags it a dangerous love affair.  The Pre-chrous has Tiwa Savage promise that she can love him forever provided he does not get tired of her. Claiming that if he ever gets tired of her that she will lose her mind and herself.

The second verse has Tiwa tell her lover how he makes her feel. She states that he gives her a different vibe whenever she sees him. Adding that his presence awaken her body, she tells him that she is deeply in love with him. She repeats the pre-chorus declaring her weakness due to the love she has for him.


The Beat is a simple ponpon beat laced with the usual Afrobeats shekere. What differentiates this beat from others is the skillful use of the baseline and electronic guitar. The Electronic guitar is played at different pitch and was even played as a slayer adding some rock music element to it. Although the rhythmic keys if just a basic grand piano sound; the way the baseline is bumped created a different type of energy.

Also there is attention given to the transitions of this beat. There is extensive work on the transitions and underlying sound effects to add color to the sound. This created a kind of cinematic effect to the beat mixing which is just unique. From hooming sound to alien sounds, this beat is a motion picture in music. Pheelz has come of age in production and it is showing in every song he has been producing.

Tiwa Savage Dangerous Love Review

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