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Tiwa Savage Koroba Review

Escort Ladies ( aka Runs girl) is a term used to classify ladies who are pleasure escorts to rich and affluent men in the society. To some ladies it is all about dating multiple guys and to others, it might just be dating a particular guy who is boxed up with money. In this song titled “Koroba” by Tiwa Savage, she sings from the perspective ladies who are into such hustle. She sings about the reason why they joined that line of hustle and how they deal with their prospective clients while dragging Nigerian politicians into the scandal.

This song is club banger because of the beat and delivery. The song which has three verses breaks the usual norm of Nigerian music in recent times. Working with one of Ceeza Millie’s producers on the record; she vocals a beat that is of same family with Tekno’s “Skeleton” beat. The ponpon beat can get anybody dancing in a matter of seconds. As stated in our review of her (Tiwa Savage) song some time back, Tiwa have found a resting place in Afropop and Afrobeats because of the working relationships she has with hit makers in the Nigerian music industry.


As stated from the above paragraph, Tiwa made a song for Nigerian Escort ladies (Run girls). She also fuses the roles of wealthy politicians in the hustle of these ladies. Stating clearly that they are their best clients, Tiwa speaks directly at them like one of the street escort.

First verse opens with Tiwa singing from the perspective of a lady who wants to go into the escorting business. She opens the song by declaring that she was not born to suffer.  But laments that if she tries to get herself a politician boyfriend that the daily newspapers will pick the story. According to her, pundits and news consumers will tag the act of dating a politician by a star like her as prostitution.

Tiwa Savage Koroba Review

 In a way to justify why she could just date one of the rich Nigerian politicians, she asks everyone who cares to listen that: “Who doesn’t love enjoyment?” She claims that what she will be doing as a professional escort (Runs girl) is to get her own share of the National budget. She claims to be ready to take her own share of the National budget-hence she will blow her trumpet-for people to know that she is ready to be the personal escort of a  wealthy Politician. She uses the street term: “koroba” which is used when hawking things in Nigerian open market to tell people that she is available.

The second verse she sings from the perspective of an Escort who steals from a Politician after having a Night of fun and service. She opens the verse by claiming that some politicians would pick a girl and tell her that they are watching them closely. She claims that when these ladies steals from them, that they do not hesitate to tell the world that Escort ladies (Runs Girls) are thieves. Trying to justify the actions of Escorts who steal; she reminds such Politician’s that they are also thieves. She claims that they spend money they never worked for-stealing from the masses.

She finishes off the second verse by exclaiming that there is trouble in a place because a certain stealing politician is accusing a certain female escort of stealing. She however tells the man that he made a mistake of hiring the service of a female escort who is bigger and smarter than him. She uses the street term: “Koroba” to tell him to pick up himself and leave the scene before he disgraces himself any further.

Finally in the last verse she sings from the perspective of an escort lady who calls one of her stingy client. She tells him to come and pay his dues because he has always claimed to be a man who stands by his words.  She tell him that as a politician that he is always spending what he never worked for. she tells him to come and give back to the community through her. He tells him to come and pay the expensive bill of a typical Nigerian Escort lady.

Tiwa Savage Koroba Review


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