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Drake should become a kind of catalyst for songs. He should become an element that can be added to any song that will make it an instant hit. I have listened to songs that Drake have been dishing out from his studio session since 2018 and it shows that Drake is a Cheat. Just like a video game cheat, Drake has built his carrier that every single he makes becomes a massive hit. Drake’s Toosie slide just overtook The Weekend’s Blinding Lights on the billboard. And that is not just because of the quality of the song but because of Drake’s quality.

Toosie Slide is a normal trap song that if sang by another artist will totally flop. But Drake’s fan base, colleagues in the industry and marketing strategists makes him stand out. The song is also a sing along song just like God’s plan hence the viral effect it has come to have.


This is a friendly song of a guy asking a lady to dance and fall in love with him. This lady could be said to be in Drake’s neighborhood judging from his lyrical illustration. In the pre-chorus he outlines the origin of the Toosie slide dance and the costumes that make it easy. According to Drake who makes the song in autobiographicl lyrics, he teaches the lady how to dance the Toosie slide dance. In the second verse, Drake asks this set lady if she would dance with him. Although the lady declined his offer, he tells her he could dance like Micheal Jackson and give her some satisfaction.
In the third verse he talks about where in the hood that he came from. He outlines the ladies in the hood and gang groups that he grew up knowing. He talks about his love and addiction to cars and success.

Drake admits that there have been people in his life that he did not know early enough to love the way he should. He tells the set lady that apart from his family that he is not ready to loose anybody he loves and that includes her. He tells her to slide(dance) and love him back. He agrees that the timing may not be good for her and affirms that they can talk about it some other time.


Swiss producer Ozan Yildirim, professionally known as OZ created a simple beat with a touch of technical effect. One notable sound pattern is the pipe instrument sound that does not follow any of the regular bars. This instrument ended up becoming the catchy pattern of the song. The trap percaussion was kept simple backed up by keys playing at full bars. It may sound easy but the production was a mastery of sound.


Although I feel the video was a show off of Drake’s embassy and dance moves, I believe it was a nice visualization. And of course the best one can have in this Corona virus lockdown era. But social media has allowed Drake and his fans to make this single another hit.

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