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If there is anything sweet about this song then it is the word play and slow tempo party beat and how it appeals to steady groovy life. Four singles, No EP, No Album, Same old sound is what I call lazy music. I have been a good consumer of Runtown’s songs from Gallado to his recent bagger sounds but with repetitions of sound and patterns, I will say I am feeling bored with his songs. He keeps using same elements of the sounds from his blazing hit song “mad over you”. I don’t know if he is not really having time to work on his lyrics or having a problem trusting the pool of good producers he has around him to help him create new sound. I saw the song unleash and I told myself even before downloading it that it’s going to sound like mad over you and he did not disappoint me. I believe Douglas Jack Agu is getting to or already at the peak of laws of diminishing returns and his songs are losing value day by day. How can you say you are a creative musician having almost five songs of same sound? Now I believe he and Tekno have same problem but tekno has brained up with his songs. He is giving us songs with elements with vintage lyrics from the past and making his song relevant. What is mad over you, for life, alhaji, unleash and the one he did for DJ Neptune having same sound and arrangement? Even the sound engineering is the same. I know I am not speaking for myself alone but many other consumers of Runtown’s product. We love Runtown but insanity is doing same thing same way and expecting to have a different result. Runtown is playing this all wrong. He should level up.


If there is anything I love about of this song, then it is the word play which he got from start to finish. He did well in the rhyming of his lyrics. But somehow he continually confused me with his lyrics. He speaks of haters and enemies trying to spoil his life plans and out of nowhere he brings the story of many fake women and people around. And from the thing air he brings Vanessa to the picture who he paints as a b*tch but as a good lady too. Now the Rapper he brought into the song “Feaky” added more confusion by telling almost same story. He talks of living life with no stress while telling lady he loves to pick the cash he dropped. Then going on and on about the girls ex and whatever. Now I will say he should get his message straight next time because music is not all about the sweet beats and rhyming but a good message. Note: a good message does not necessarily have to be morally right but should have good link up. Telling story A, B and C in a verse of a song which does not relate or talk of same message is not okay at all. I have listened to many musical greats and they know how to keep their messages straight.


The beat is nice dancing song with all elements being copied from “mad over you” instrumentals. The only difference is the use of love filter tweaking in the tuning of the intro vocals. You can recall that in mad over you, it was a radio filter tweak that was used. DelB should have tried to tell his Client to think out of the box he created for himself. This song will just blow out into thin air because we have had better songs and beats from this same artist and producer. This beat makes Runtown’s songs to sound like normal praise and worship songs done in Nigerian churches where you can slide from one song to another without changing a beat. The beat is not bad but lacks creativity. I don’t blame DelB but the music owner.

I have no interest in a video for this song because it is wasting money on same old sound.

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