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Over the Weekend a lot of funny and Unsuppressed Emotion blew the entertainment and sporting world with Onika Maraj (Nicki minaj), Serena Willaims and Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar (Cardi B) went ballistic in different situation and everybody has been tweeting and speaking about the issue. These issues has had third parties like fans and friends get burned in the cross fire of the high tensed moment. I have real respects for the three ladies mentioned above and I am a big fan of their works. However while everybody were airing their opinion on the issues which these scenarios has brought up. I could not just help but try to critically look at what caused the whole meltdown between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj; Serena Williams and the Tennis governing  body.

When I listened to Onika’s album “Queen” and the jibes she threw, I was like even if no name was mentioned on your album when it comes to ladies music, the person who this punches are aimed at knows and the world knows. If you read the review on that album you will see the conclusion made on that album. Becalis has also come out on social media to talk on issues when the media guys could just leave her out of the mess. Looking at all that has been going on with these two ladies, I could not just but forecast that they were going to get into a street fight soon. On Serena Williams’ part; I felt she lost her idol nature in a chase of more accolades which she has a good year ahead of her to win while being an inspiration to the young lady who won.  As I reflected on these issues and was listening to the radio buzz with the stories of these three women, all I could just underline as a major factor is their emotion.

Please don’t get me wrong valued readers; men have emotions but they have the tendency to overlook it easily. That’s why a man can love a lady today and break her heart the next day, that’s why a man can lose money gambling today and go back gambling the next night. The tendency to suppress their emotions are very high and that works for them a lot. On the other hand, a lady is precious jewel given to the world in all tenderness and structure that they react with their emotions. For me, a woman’s emotion is like the stock trade fluctuation moving graph. It is so irregular and when you mistakenly tap it, you get to them. You might be getting tired and may asking me “what are you trying to say” in your mind. What I am driving at is that Serena, Calis and Onika would have dealt with the situations they were faced with if their emotions were in check.

For Onika, I would say she would have never seen Becalis as a competition but befriend her, make her a prodigy and be part of her success. There is this kind of thing called being a mentor to someone you never discovered. If she used this approach, the fans of Nicki and Cardi who are having war of words among themselves would have only known Cardi as a student of Nicki and that way she would have felt more powerful. What is there if Nicki goes on tour to the ends of the earth with the second big lady in the rap game selling her brand as a friend?  The problem is that Nicki created a monster when she made Cardi a competition when she would have gone to the studio, make better hits while allowing Cardi into her camp while booasting her fan base.  I don’t know if I make sense but I strongly feel that Onika would have become more popular with a good image if she made Calis a friend and not a foe. It is really sad that her Emotion and Fear of losing her crown made her create the biggest devil to her carrier.

Becalis is a sweet lady to listen to and I am a lover of her music and success story. But her emotions got a better of her. She starting a fight reduces her class and makes her look bad and street. When people throw words at you in lyrics, the best way to reply is to reply lyrically. We see people dis their selves in the music industry through dis track and make more money in sales. They make it an entertainment content while they settle their scores with the person throwing the shades. Cardi B would have looked like the strong one of the two ladies if she put her emotions in check and transferred that anger into the beat and produce a crazy mouth opening dis track. If I was an endorsement label, I will not endorse her because she went too low with her action. She makes herself look week which is really not cool. She behaved like a lady who caught her man sleeping with a lady who is below her standard and reacting by fighting with the lady which is wrong.

Finally Serena Williams let the shackle of performance anxiety catchup with her. I am big fan and even before I had access to cable television; I knew she was a diva. When anyone one wants to achieve a particular mile stone, most times our emotions get the better of us and make silly mistakes which could cost us. It became very unfortunate that on the faithful day of this mile stone that the law makers and their agent decide to stick to the rules and serve her with real justice. She loses it and makes a whole emotional mess of the situation which is not cool at all. She would have rose above the moment while knowing that Australian Open was very close and definitely she was going to be in a better place to win that because her match fitness would have increase. But the bad thing was her emotion clouded her judgment and she went totally offline.

People tend to lose it when everything is not working very well or when a new kid comes into the hood. The fact is that the world is an evolving scene which we have to understand that it cannot remain in our favor. What we can do most times to fix this is to suppress our emotions and rise above the moment with an eye on the goal while playing along with the moment.

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