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Vector Early Momo

When we talk about a duet between a lady and a guy especially in music we are not talking about a mere feature between two musicians. It is making music that display a form of musical chemistry between the two persons singing. In Nigeria, this particular type of songs are not usually produced but Vector switched up his sound with the help of Goodgirl LA and they created a really good erotic song.

This song which was released to help lovers in the valentine season is a real crafted erotic love song which hides all the erotic signals in plain words. The way they use words that are naturally not sexual to convey a sexual and erotic message is another level of word mastery. It is kind of rare especially in this era of music making in Nigeria where a lot is not given to the creation of lyrics. The lyrical chemistry and code-mixing in the crafting of the lyrics is really dope.


The song talks about two lovers who always having a good sex even though it is very early in the morning. Vector opens the song with a chorus stating what his lover told him. According to him, she claimed that she could spice up their sex life with her many sexual skills. He finishes up the chorus by claiming that she told him to relax and enjoy all she has in stock for him sexually.

Goodgirl LA sings the first verse by using some automobile metaphoric words to explain the way their sex life is. She claims that their sex-life is like a car or motor bike which is not hard to zoom off.  According to her, her lover does not even wait for the day to fully break before pouncing on her for a good morning sexual experience.

Vector Early Momo
Goodgirl LA

Vector jumps in with his verse and states that he is not going to deny the way he goes at his lover. According to him the quick sex that they enjoy together is the best thing ever. Equating their sex life to life which is a gamble, he claims that he always has to try his odds with her anytime she is available. He claims that early morning (Early momo) is a really good time to have a good time with her. He finishes off his verse by telling her to let go and accept him if she likes the way he makes her feel.

The last verse has LA and Vector share the bars equally. According to Goodgirl LA the way her lover makes her feel in this type of early morning situation could make a good girl turn bad. Detailing that she was ready to show off all her sexual skills on him, she claims that she was ready to make him go crazy. In response to her erotic words, Vector gives her the green light to go naughty on him because she was his type.

Vector Early Momo

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