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Read Vector’s Mad song Review Below while listening to the song.

Good word play, good punch lines and a wonderful party beat are all wonderful elements of Vector’s mad song. The intro and lead sound gives this song a very wonderful sound that can get anybody of his or her feet especially with the kind of percussion pattern it played with. However, the flow of the song is not just there when compared with previous songs done by Olanrewaju Ogunmefun aka Vector. Listening to the last rap verse of LayLow’s rap song “do what it do” which was taken by the Viper himself; all that can be summed up is that Vector is either getting lazy or getting stingy with his rap flows. In the past two song which Vector has released in 2018; he has allowed the beat to take most part of song. He has reduced the number of words he vomits per second which is making him have weak flows. Rap Music becomes a little boring when the beat is taking the lead. Vector has everything a good rapper should have in a song but being stingy or lazy with his poetry is not just how it should be for a rapper like him who stands up for the culture. Mad song is not just what we  should hear from a veteran like vector.

Having outlined the above hit and miss, it should be understood that his word play is worthy to be applauded. For example the way he fuses his chorus. The way he say “fall back, you don’t want your people dressed in all black”; is mad! This is because the words “all black” was actually pronounced “Oblak” which is the name of the goal keeper of Atletico Madrid in Spain. That was some very good word play which will steal the minds of anybody that listens to the songs for the first time especially if you are a footfall fan.


Vector goes after Haters and adversaries in this song stating his ability and calling their antics bluffs. He opens the song by announcing to his haters to fall back if they don’t want to be having funerals. He tell them that he calls the shots and can call the shots on them. He calls his haters threats as bluffs because he has been going against their threats and nothing has happened. He tells them to fall back because if he can wipe them out with one shot. He tells his haters to fall back with their ploys because their lines and not connecting. He declares that they are weak like Mercedes and they are not his type of Benz; meaning he does not get glittery with threats coming from people like them. He goes on repeating the whole punchlines and chorus from start to finish.


This the most influencing element of this song because of the mid tempo afro pop percussion beat that the rap is flowed on. The lead keys that opens up this song puts the beat in same league with his “king Kong” beat which is a classic. Deejays are going to have a wonderful time mixing with this beat in dance halls.

Another element that is unique to this sound is the pad sounds that are played as the base line to beat. It gives it a kind of celestial feel. It is very obvious and felt when the kick and other percussion sounds are hooked. It also improved the transition of the song from chorus to verse and hook giving it a wonderful groovy feel.


One bad thing to do is to make a gang star Music and go on making a video with no element of gang star I it.  The concept of the video was bad and does not help improve the already weak flows the song already has. The number of scenes shot for this song is too small and the camera shakes on this video was too small. A song with a message like this should have a video with lots of movements and visual effects in it that can make someone get a little scared. XYZ made a joke of a song that could have been a hit Rap single in Nigeria. No one can hold anyone to the flop of the video because Vector did not even give his hundred percent when he was writing the lyrics.

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