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Victor AD Prayer Request

Victor AD became the street voice of inspirational music after releasing his “wetin we gain” hit in 2018. Many critic and fans wondered if he was going to water down his sound from inspirational lyrics to party lyrics. But it has been two years since his breakout single and he is still making inspirational sounds. Unlike many Nigerian musicians who water down down their sound to remain relevant in the industry, Victor AD has shown with his songs that he is all about content and quality.

Prayer Request is a song which see Victor AD employs the services of multiple hit maker “Patoranking”. The song which is a mid tempo ponpon sound is a sound that will not really have a very high buzz. But the market influence of Patoranking will make it have enough commercial success.

The message of the song is good and this attribute will compel people to listen to the song after a long time. Many persons will love the song and what it stands for. The quality of the lyrics appeals to every hustling person in the world just like his “wetin we gain” single.


The song as the name connotes is a prayer request from Victor AD and Patoranking to God. In a lyrical plea to God, they beg God to answer their prayers and make them success. The song opens up with a chorus with Victor making a solemn prayer to God. In his words of prayer he begs that he wants to become the best; so that when great people are being called he will be called. Equating himself to the birds of the air which are provided for by God, he pleads to God to provide for him.

Victor AD Prayer Request

In the first verse he raises a question to God. He asks him how he will return home to his family without making money and being successful. According to him, he has bills to pay and his lady will not take it likely with him if he is not performing his manly duties. Hence he prays to God to give him money, cars and properties to be able to settle his everyday issues. He finishes off by begging God to be his light when he finds himself in the dark side of life.

The second verse has Victor make another plea to God. In his words, he begs God to keep and secure his business contacts and associates. He prays that the riches in his possession should always be higher than the problems that might come his way. Furthermore he states that his request to be a rich so that he can be able to help others; and not run away or hide when people are looking approach him for help.

In a hook Patoranking sings about wanting to become a boss, driving exotic cars and prospering in the sight of the people who looked down on him.


The song which was produced by Ushbea is a simple ponpon Afropop sound. Although the baseline has some element of Konto music to it, the sound is a pure ponpon sound. Also there is an absence of congas and bongs in the beat making do with just the usual snare, Kicks and snap sounds.

For the rhythmic keys, he stayed with a basic electronic guitars from start to finish with a little tweak in the solo lead.

Victor AD Prayer Request

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