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VMAs Artist of the year: Who will Win
It is that time of the year again and I am really really looking forward to who is going to win artist of the year’s award. Please do not get me wrong but if this voting or award are not to be rigged then drake, cardi B, Ariana and maybe Bruno are the front runners for this. Post Malone and Camilo can wait for next time.

The year has seen some very good music come through but I believe that Drake lit up the world with some real fire sound. It is not a news that God’s plan is a song immortalized by the street video made for it but it a real honest song. Songs with bad videos die but with God’s plan hitting the airwave with that smashing video that got all the people around me talking about it is a perfect mix measure of creativity, time and handwork.

Ariana Grande
For this lady, I am kind of skeptical about her. Everything is working for her now and she has remained true to her RnB sound but she might just be knocked off by Bruno Mars in the pecking order. However she came through with some mad song this year especially with the song “God is woman”. I love the earth visuals, book and small human animations of the video. She did some serious had work with her video producers. In terms of visual graphics, she might just win it because her video is so dope (excuse the expression)

Cardi B
Cardi B is an artist I am quite of getting to know because I am kind of the old fashioned guy with music but I love her story, hustle and music. She has got some very good sound flowing through her. Listening “be careful” and “I like it” tells a lot about her. She deserves the award not because she is Cardi B but because she earned it with some very good stories and visual concepts to her videos and songs.

Bruno Mars
Finesse is my song any day any time. With the funk beat which Bruno Mars has been dishing out. He makes people want to go back in days. Also his use of digital street art in his new videos is of the hook, He has found a way of making simple things sophisticated. Everybody know Bruno has got some good messages in his songs if he wins it, I will not be surprised.

Camila Cabello
Havana is a song I wrote on when we were valxx and it is her biggest hit till now climbing the billboard hot 100. I believe she might not win because the video was boring and long. She might have a large fan base but her creativity did not really get me. Also the excess repetition and rhyming made her song and her video very very boring. She might win but it is going to be a slim chance.

Post Malone
I do not mean any disrespect to Malone but I feel he has a 10% of winning the artist of the year. He is a great artist because getting to the top of the billboard is not Beans. For his military concept in the song psycho is up there with some good works but they are musicians. Musician make song that people are happy listen to anytime but his songs lacks that. He might have a large fan base but ask if you ask his fans to pick a winner, they will definitely choose another musician over him.

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