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Rap Hiphop is a genre of music synonymous to African Americans and for over four decades they have claimed the position of the owners of the music genre but somehow the European Americans are still up there. For me many light skinned MCs have been gracing the scene but non stands out for me like the undisputed self-acclaimed Rap god himself “Eminem”. In my opinion, the European American Rappers who try to do rap the way the Africans do it just get flawed over time because humans as we are wired by the creator in different ways. However Eminem carved a niche for himself as the Rapper who voices honest music putting his life and his previous problems and setback in the music. He does this with some very well detailed poetry with disjointed rhymes that makes people wonder how he fuses it. This particular Rap principle and approach made people sit down and listen to what he has to say and without knowing fell in love with the musician. This VMAs Review analyses Logic and how he he can become the New Eminem.

Looking at Sir Robert Bryson Hall II who is known as Logic by all music lovers like me; one can see a pattern reappearing. Unlike Eminem, he is of an African American father, but like Eminem, he was brought up in a neighborhood of drugs and unstable street life. Ventured into Smoking of Marijuana and pot but no record of having a kid as a teenager shows a semi mirrored life of Eminem. Taking a time to read about this awesome white Rapper like we will call him in Nigerian, I could easily trace some very clear similarity in his music to Eminem. Although it is going to be very hard to march the commercial sales and lyrical strength of Eminem; I could easily say his acceptance and art will be much accepted by the world if he has not gone viral already. This whole article will be useless if I don’t back my motion of him filling part of Eminem’s shoes by stating some facts for you and see if you can relate.

Originality of Message

I don’t listen Eminem because of the beat; No! I don’t! I listen to Eminem because of the stories he tells. Logic like Eminem draws from the negativity that surrounded his life when he was a kid and puts all the bad energy in the music. He came into my musical radar when I saw his performance at the VMA in 2017 when he sang about what it felt like when you are a drug addict with no love or family. He talked about how you could be contemplating suicide because of the suffering and I fell for him like a female teenager who just fell in love with a prince charming. That song threw an arrow into my heart and stayed there. He pulls his weight from the problems he is facing or was facing and like a tsunami, blows it into the sound which for me is the birth place of originality.

Speaking against the System

The system and the Government is one major source of original music that people are scared to go after. The truth is that Logic like Eminem crave for opportunities like this. Imagine him wearing a round neck polo which had on it written “F**k the Wall”. In the lyrics and visuals of his song “One day”, he gave some very serious left and right hook to the present day government of the United States which is really bold. For a musician like him who is blessed as a rapper and with that skin; he has to be very bold to be able to win the crowd to his side. Standing for the street in issues which is regarded by the street as injustice is one thing that can serve as propellers to the top.

The Fashion sense and Brand

In rap music, the choices you make in terms of brand can go a long way in determining your longevity in the industry. Taking a time out to check how this man Logic dressed in his early times in music; I could bet he wouldn’t have made it far. Trying to look gangster as a rapper does not really fly with White Americans. But just like Eminem he switched his dress code to a more usual every day wear which is better. In a way I am thankful to God for the eye issue which has him wearing glasses because it singles him out as the white Rapper with the glass. This helps in branding him which is good for his music.

Electrifying Stage performance

Rap music is not just about the rhyming and the poetry but having a good way of conveying your message to the fans when you have the privilege to perform in front of a crowd. I have seen two VMA performances by this man called Logic and I felt like crying at every punch line he dropped. He is just superb when it comes to pouring the emotion on the crowd.


In Rap music industry where people like Logic are few and really need a push. I would say that Logic has put in some very original materials and brand out there. He can be rated in a very high level and must be taking in his space and covering some of the standards that Eminem has set.

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