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Wash us in the Blood Review

Listening to this song on boom play, I was so curious to find out what people were saying about the song. So I dived into the comment section to feed my eyes. The first thing I saw was a reader declaring that “I still can’t believe this”. For those who don’t know what he or she was talking about; he or she was talking about Kanye West change from a cricular artist to a gospel artist. I am one of those people who have got that same doubt. But the basic truth is: this is not the first time the world will see an alleged sinner turn a new leaf in the Christianity circle. And with the case of Kanye West, one can not help but remember the biblical story of Saul turned Paul.

Wash us in the blood is a song made by Kanye and Travis Scott. While Kanye uses the song to talk about the struggles of being someone from outside salvation; Travis talks about the problems the blacks have been facing around the world. People who love hiphop music and are christains are going to love the music and the message. They are sure going to be assured afresh that Kanye is doing this for himself and not the money or spotlight.

Although I still have my doubt, all I can say honestly is that: this might just be the way people felt when Saul turned from being the persecutor of Christians to the biggest preacher and publisher in Bible history.


As stated above the song is made up of two side. Kanye West uses the song to talk about how he was washed by the blood of Jesus from sin. Claiming that he was born into sin because of the hood he came from, he outlines that the drugs, Achohol and general sinful paths he took was something he was driven to. Pleading to God to wash him and every sinner ready to be free with his blood, he declares that he or others do not want to be in the hands of the devil. According to him, quoting the biblical scripture that states that the devil is seeking for who to devour, he pleads for mercy to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Wash us in the Blood Review

The second verse has Travis Scott rap about the hate and racial issues around the world especially in America. He pleads with God to wash the city with his blood and reinstall unity amongst races. Highlighting the excessive killing of black people, he reminds people about the commandment of thou shalt not kill. He pleads to God to intervane.

The last verse Kanye West talk about his struggles since he gave his life back to Christ. He talks about the pressures he has been under. He talks about media outlets trying to edit and screenout parts of interviews where he is talking about God and Jesus his son.

Furthermore, he talks about brands and coorperate bodies not wanting to sign him because of his new found faith. According to him they do not want the real Kanye but the fake Kanye. He calls the fake Kanye; Camye. Camye to him was the person who lived the reckless life. He finishes off by talking about his struggle in his fashion business. According to him, most run way shows do not want to feature his designs because of his faith. He tells them that they should take their runways and wrong ways because this God he is serving have brought him a long way.

Wash us in the Blood Review

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