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West life, Back street boys and One Direction are all the boys bands that I have followed closely for over a decade now and I am getting to know the boys band called “why don’t we” abbreviated as “WDW”. Although they have a weird name for a group, I will say they have registered their name on my musical radar. I got to know about them as I was sweeping through YouTube looking for a new song so badly and here they popped up with this song “eight letters”. As a question to all; have you ever been in a situation where you felt like telling someone you love him/her but can’t just say it because you have used it a lot but never meant it. But with this new person, you really do love genuinely but cannot just let the words “I love you” out. (If you care to answer leave an answer on the comment section)

These American boys band made up of Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich from Minnesota, Corbyn Matthew Besson from  Virginia, Daniel James Seavey from  Oregon, Jack Robert Avery from Pennsylvania, and Zachary Dean Herron from Texas who have been in the musical scene since 2016 made a song that may just put them on the world map of boys band. When I heard the pre-chorus of this song, I was blown away in the moment. This guys just sang about the odd feeling a play boy has when he finally meets a girl he really loves from his heart. But because the sentence “I love you” does not mean anything to him before, it becomes had for him to say. It made me see reasons why the world can’t just do without a boys band.


The song talks about the very funny feeling we have when we eventually meet the one we love but cannot just tell them we love them because we have used the words when we didn’t really mean it. WDW used their lyrics to express this odd feeling in this very nice blues sound. They open up the song expressing the feelings of guy who is having this odd feeling. He tell her that she knows him best because she knows his best and worst version and yet doesn’t judge him at all. He says that she not judging him even with all his bad actions is the scariest thing about her. He goes on further to tell her the reason he has had that behavior of not being able to tell her that he loves her. He says he has fallen in love before but has been heartbroken too many times that he has lost trust in people. He tells her that he grew a thick skin after those heart break and began to tell ladies that he loves them when he does not really love them. However he declares that when it comes to her that the words are heavy to say anytime he pulls her close.
In the second verse he explains how totally he is into her stating that when he looks at her hand and grab them, that he feels whole . He say that at that moment he will love to tell her that he loves her but however the eight letters which is “I L O V E Y O U” can’t just come out.


This song is made with basic beat but one very evident instrument used in the intro and as a lead is the clarinet sound. I feel it’s a base but it super nice bringing the harmony created by the octave and grand piano too. There is also this flute tune that starts playing from the beginning of the second verse which also makes the sound really rich. In terms of mixing and mastering; what caught my ear is the successful use of echoes and reverberation to give this kind of tunnel effect to the vocals and some parts of the song. Music producers will understand what I really mean when they listen to it. The beat was well produced because it has few instruments but very rich because of proper mastering and mixing. I must say cool dose to Atlantic records for producing this guys. I am already in love with their song.



For a video it’s going to be hard making a duet kind of video with one female and one male because they are five. I feel they should just sing with the image of a lady whose face is covered models for them. It should be the traditional boys band video where they sit or walk together and sing. Atlantic records have lots of very good video directors; I am sure they will come out with something nice.

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  • Tina says:

    Well maybe you should watch their music video cause it’s already out lol their director Elication is the best

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