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I hope life treats you well, And I hope you have all you need, And I am wishing Joy and Happiness, But above all things, I wish you love...

Whitney Huston

Have you ever been in a gathering and someone with an odd voice speaks and everybody is like who is that? Most at times, the voice might be ugly, sometimes, it is okay, but very few times is angelic. That was the kind of voice the wonderful lady on our life article today had. I got to know this lady known as Whitney Elizabeth Houston in the year 2000 and I fell in love with her RnB and Soul music. She had the voice, the message and the look. I can recall never really knowing what the wordings of her song was but I show knew “It not right but it’s okay”. I will jam that song from our tape player all day and get really never get tired. It was a complete song which really hard all the good sound elements that made a good song, good. What really makes her song different is the way she arranges her vocals like a choir mistress in one of those Baptist church around the block. I have been listening to Whitney Huston songs since I woke up because today should have been her birthday if she was alive. Everyone leave legacies which might be tangible or intangible but one notable legacy this beautiful lady was some good songs with very rich message. Below are some of her arsenal that made her music so rich.

Whitney knew how to tell the story of a thousand pages in thirty-two bars of music verses and not stress. I can’t think of many people that can do this because they are few. But on top the list of RnB singers, she and Robert Kelly will make top two. Listening to Rhianna’s song Emergency some years later; I could attribute that song to a lot of her works. She understood how to cut stories very short and still pass the message.

She sings with very well-articulated verses with good fusion. The way she fused her lyrics and rhythm to suit the story she was telling was epic. Some of her dance songs had the choir call and response style to it which for me makes it easy for any human on earth to sing along. She never made songs that only she could sing. She is a real leader when it comes to music.

How would you feel if someone sent you a letter after you have broken up with her; which reads:  I hope life treats you well, And I hope you have all you need, And I am wishing Joy and Happiness, But above all things, I wish you love……….. I am sure you will melt at those words. That is what Whitney bring in very spoken word in her song. She has this way of making everyone get in the mood the song she is making weather as an Aggressive ex or a lonely loving lady; she always kills it with her very sweet voice and emotions.


She might have taken some very wrong choices but that doesn’t mean she is not a good person especially in music. She has all the accolades a good musician should have and for me a real role model for any upcoming act because she showed us what it meant to dish out good music and also showed us how managing it in a wrong way can ruin and cut your life short.  Rest on Whitney you always a voice to be reckoned with in entertainment.



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